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a region (and former kingdom) in northwestern Spain on the Atlantic and the Bay of Biscay

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Major organization : FUNDACIN CIDADE DA CULTURA DE GALICIA (G15721640)
At the heart of the study is the importance of the concept of "sentimentality" which is the most salient element of a national discourse whose effects have been to relegate Galicia to a subordinate status in relation to allegedly more positive images associated with the central political authority.
A great way to know Galicia is being immersed in its culture, something that is not always accessible with conventional tours.
The moment the train came off the tracks in the northwestern Galicia region (https://www.
During the event Galan highlighted the Group's commitment to the region of Galicia, where the company has invested over EUR1.
Portugal has been an independent country for centuries, but the ancient kingdom of Galicia has only recently acquired autonomous status within Spain.
Cronologicamente, los dos momentos a los que hago referencia se situan en instancias transicionales: a mediados de la decada de los setenta del siglo XX --en los albores y durante los primeros anos de la Galicia Autonomica-- y a finales de la primera decada del siglo XXI, otro momento transicional en la articulacion de la identidad gallega a raiz de las acaloradas discusiones sobre la ensenanza del gallego y el bilinguismo que tienen lugar como resultado del triunfo del Partido Popular en las elecciones autonomicas de marzo de 2009.
We have used our enterprise data warehouse to support more effective marketing, enhanced customer experiences, and more sophisticated financial and performance analysis," said Eduardo Agra, chief information officer for Banco Galicia, adding, "The Teradata profitability analytics solution will augment our efforts to better understand business costs and profitability drivers, effectively engage customers, and improve decision-making.
Women and Authority in Early Modern Spain: The Peasants of Galicia.
Born in 1886, he was the first to use Galician language and topics as the focus of all his work; as a politician, he was not only one of the main supporters of the Spanish Republic (19311936), he was also the founder of the Galician Nationalist Party, the first representative of Galicia in Congress, and one of the main writers of the Estatuto de Galicia (a Galician constitution that would provide the region with certain prerogatives for its self government).
The bank said its parent company, Grupo Galicia, forgave it of $43 million in debt obligations.
Conradh Na Gaeilge hosted a day of Galician literatures to celebrate the province of Galicia in Spain and its native language, Gallegos, which is spoken by some 2 million people.
Xiomara Galicia, a Canoga Park nanny, waited until Tuesday out of economic necessity.
In explaining this great swath through its peninsulas--those of lower Wales and Ireland, Cornwall, Devon, Brittany, and Iberian Galicia and Cape St.