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deep ditch cut by running water (especially after a prolonged downpour)

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Ms Gali was provided with extensive consular assistance by the Australian Consulate in Dubai.
Ivertines sios sutarties paskirti, sudarymo specifika ir pirkejo dalyvavima finansuojant gyvenamojo namo ar buto statyba, Lietuvos Auksciausiasis Teismas padare isvada, kad pirkejas savo pazeistas teises (pavyzdziui, pardavejui atsisakius parduoti pastatyta buta ir sudaryti pagrindine sutarti) gali ginti ne tik Lietuvos Respublikos civilinio kodekso 6.
Bendradarbiavimo tinklu zemelapiu kurimo duomenys gali buti gaunami is bibliografiniu ar visateksciu duomenu baziu, leidzianciu importuoti pagrindinius duomenis apie autorius ir publikacijas.
Sie pakitimai isreiskiami Love skaiciais (Varga 1989), todel auksciu skirtumo pokytis realios (besideformuojancios) Zemes gali buti nustatytas pagal formules:
Dialogo grupiniai junginiai gali buti klasifikuojami: 1) pagal repliku kieki, kurios sudaro tokia dialogo grupe.
Must Shop: Banarasi saris from shops at Luxa and Vishwanath Gali.
Klausimas tik toks--kuriuo budu jusu asmenybe gali atsiskleisti, o kuriuo ne.
Borrowing popular Indian and African American body movements, Perez Gali bounces on his fingertips and toes in a downward, dog-like posture, discharging spasmodic arm movements and convulsing his torso.
Conceived as sponge laden with water (originally envisaged to cascade across the facade from its water-cooled roof), the elevated form finds its level above a compressed and gently sloping terrain--part of an artificial platform by Martinez Lapena y Torres that extends over and around the existing water-treatment plant towards new coastal parks by Foreign Office Architects (with Teresa Gali) and Beth Gali.
In most macroeconomic models, say Gali, Lopez-Salido, and Vallesin "Understanding the Effects of Government Spending on Consumption," a rise in government purchases of goods and services will tend to expand output.
From the ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum, well-known technology innovators in the life and annuity technology market, Chris Doggett and Chris Gali, announce that they have re-teamed in response to the market's need for a new approach to life and annuity policy administration systems.
Tenders are invited for Improvement of sewerage system at Ram Gali, Mohan Gali ,Panghat Mandir and K-21 to K-24 Punjabi Gali in Kotla Mubarak Pur in South-II (AC-42 Kasturba Nagar) FMS No.
PESHAWAR -- The first phase of Galiyaat cleanliness drive that would continue up to August 28 has been launched during which road from Nathia Gali to Changa Gali would be made clean.
On July 21, from 6am to 9am the power supply would remain suspended in Nathwala, Sangoi, PTC, Sanaullah Shaheed, Garmala feeder, MEC grid station connected areas Azizabad, RA Bazar feeder, while from 7am to 10am Kuldana Murree grid station connected areas including Pathriata and Uper Topa feeders connected areas Pindi Point, Gora Gali, Charaha, Kamalabad, Pathriata, Topa Bazar, Gorra, Kajoot, Hikra, Kurri.