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an active volcano in southeastern Colombia in the Andes

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The catalog of volcano-tectonic earthquakes at Galeras volcano, Colombia, was analyzed to determine the magnitude of completeness of the seismograph network and to explore the subsurface structure by mapping the b-value of the frequency-magnitude distribution.
Galeras, which has registered minor eruptions in recent years, is closely observed because of the threat it poses to nearby populations.
In July 2004 a new active period of Galeras began with two strong ash emissions.
In January 1993, six scientists and three hikers were scalded and crushed to death when they ventured into the smoking mouth of the active volcano Galeras in Colombia, confident that no eruption was imminent.
Where to stay: There are no accommodations at Playa Rincon, but in nearby Las Galeras, you can stay in all-inclusive style at (http://www.
Waters surrounding Samana are known for more challenging dives, especially around Las Galeras.
Similarly, the galeras activities in the stands assist in the arrival of mythical creatures or important characters that may sometimes enter the arena from the stands.
Vianna, Galeras Cariocas (Rio de Janeiro: Editora da UFRJ, 1997) pp.
For example, coastal and marine resources are currently protected in Paracas National Reserve seventy-five miles to the west, while high Andean populations of vicunas are found in Pampas Galeras National Reserve forty miles to the east.
Volcano scientists from all over the world happened to convene near Galeras within a week of the eruption, and several of them discussed indicators of a possible eruption.
October 1999: La Paz, Isla San Francisco, Isla Habana, Isla Morena, Roca Negra, Puerto del Gato, Roca Marcial, Montserrat, Isla Las Galeras, Puerto Escondido, Isla Los Coronados, Bahia Siquicismunde, Isla San Ildefonso, Bahia Coyote, Isla Santa Ines, Isla Tortuga, Santa Rosalia.
This was followed in 1993 by an eruption of another volcano, Galeras, that killed nine people, including six scientists.
Swaying palms on Las Galeras beach in the; Dominican Republic
Alli, Escarraman sufre duro tormento, pero antes de ser llevado a galeras se arrepiente y sera redimido por la Gracia.
The beach town of Las Galeras in Samana became the first part of the DR to benefit from clean electricity generated by wind power, said Jose Oscar Orsini, president of Luz y Fuerza de Las Terrenas, C.