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soft blue-grey mineral

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Other minerals identified include chalcopyrite, galenite and pyrite.
The basal part of the Devonian section (thickness 2-5 m) contains siderite, authigenic chalcedony and sulphide minerals (major pyrite and minor sphalerite, galenite, chalcopyrite and marcasite).
5) The mineral composition of NE Estonian Devonian rocks close to the Ordovician-Devonian border differs from that of South Estonian rocks in the enrichment in siderite, magnetite, sulphides (typical pyrite and rarer sphalerite, galenite, chalcopyrite and marcasite) and chalcedony.
Secondary calcite and dolomite associated with sulphide (pyrite, galenite, sphalerite) as well as sulphate (baryte) mineralization have been found as fracture and pore fillings or in vertical fault-related zones within altered rocks (Pichugin et aL 1976; Puura et al.