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an organ shaped like a helmet

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Although the deeper galea aponeurotica is also mainly membranous, it contains the occipitofrontalis muscles.
Forty-four days after surgery, new biopsy specimens of soft tissue below the parietal scar and a sample of galea aponeurotica were cultured for B.
The occipital belly is responsible for drawing back the galea aponeurotica and participates in facial expressions during smiling and in movements of the auricle (Berkovitz et al.
However, the hemangioma in our patient was present in two different tissue planes; most of the lesion was located beneath the galea aponeurotica, while a small superior portion was located more superficially in the subcutaneous plane.
A subgaleal hemorrhage is a large collection of blood in the soft tissue space between the galea aponeurotica and the skull's periosteum.