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United States economist (born in Canada) who served as ambassador to India (born in 1908)

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Where Galbraith did have a front-row seat, however, was as an advocate for Kurdish interests.
Galbraith wrote several times for The Progressive, most recently in 1999 for our ninetieth anniversary issue.
In committing this error, all sides, even with their differences, seemed guilty: the liberals wanly elegiac at the loss, the conservatives smugly self-satisfied that the things Galbraith stood for had gone to their reward long before he did, the undecided and uncommitted nervously praiseful of his wit.
El celebre Paul Samuelson afirmo que Galbraith era el "economista mas querido por todos aquellos que no eran economistas".
Parker recounts how Galbraith has variously reminisced that his aim was to "give maximum offense to the faculty" and to keep "well on the side of safety.
The reality, contends Galbraith, is that the budget deficits of recent years could not have been avoided.
Early that November, just as Taylor and his team arrived back in Washington, Galbraith arrived from New Delhi for the state visit of Prime Minister Nehru.
To accomplish this, Galbraith enlisted the help of Adculture.
A few hours before he attacked, Horncastle had told Miss Galbraith that she was a ``nasty c***'' after she asked him to ``leave her alone''.
Patricia Galbraith was close to tears after news that her daughter-in-law is fighting her jail term - just weeks after it was dramatically cut.
The amazing Paul Galbraith and his 8-string guitar are back again, this time bringing us some lute suites by Bach in crystal-clear sound captured by Delos's Jeff Mee.
In addition to her involvement with ACEI, Galbraith was active in many professional organizations and presented at several conferences throughout her career.
Corbett Lighting, the high-design decorative fixture company based in Carrollton, Texas, has named Alan Galbraith president and chief executive.
Name-Dropping: From FDR On, by John Kenneth Galbraith, Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 194 pages, $26.
In an early letter, Galbraith mentions his 'ambition to be the most reticent adviser in modern political history'.