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an ancient country in central Asia Minor

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Coal results were depressed due to an underground ignition in April 1997 at the Galatia, Ill.
The 1997 decline was attributable primarily to an interruption of operations at the Galatia Mine as well as the disruption of Powder River Basin operations occasioned by transportation problems.
At the Galatia Mine in Illinois, lower sales volumes resulted from the move of one of the mine's two longwall systems due to an earlier underground ignition and from a scheduled move of the second longwall.
Paul's tone seems defensive as he begins his letter to the community of believers in Galatia.
Operating profit from coal was adversely affected by lower average sales prices and increased production costs at the Galatia Mine in Illinois.
David Rhoads points out that the purpose of Galatians is to reclaim the gentile believers of Galatia as children of Abraham and therefore as children of God.
Shipments from Kerr-McGee's underground Galatia Mine in Illinois should reach a record 6.
The purpose of Paul's letter was to reclaim the gentile believers of Galatia as children of Abraham, as inheritors of God's blessing to Abraham, and thereby as children of God.
NYSE: KMG) Galatia underground coal mine has been brought under control, according to company officials.
They are not Jewish Christians from outside; rather, Paul's converts to Christ in Galatia, members of an early Judaic Christianity, were being wooed by non-Christian Jews in local synagogues.
Mine Safety and Health Administration and Kerr-McGee (NYSE: KMG) officials has resulted in a decision to evacuate and close an area in the Galatia coal mine where fire was discovered yesterday.
8) It is the juridical principle of fidei commissum, an undertaking by trust adopted from ancient Greek law; and, because of its pervasive appropriation throughout the Mediterranean world, it would be intelligible not only to the Christians at Rome but also to Christians in the Roman province of Galatia.
Riffey joined Kerr-McGee Coal in 1982 and has held positions of increasing responsibility, most recently manager of preparation plant operations and engineering at Galatia Mine, the company's underground coal operation in southern Illinois.
For the time being, though, along the pilgrim path, the biblical mandate for the congregations of Galatia or Grand Rapids may not be what is biblical for the congregation of Corinth or at Jennings, Missouri.
The Galatia Mine in southern Illinois should increase sales to a record 5.