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a mountain peak in the Andes in Argentina (21,654 feet high)

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The Galan 3T XGO Edition offers the ability to conduct quick, comfortable and high-quality neuro imaging exams, and allows for faster sampling and higher resolution images, thanks to PURERF and Saturn technologies.
and daughter "Amanda at the finish of Nos Galan in 1964 "Lee, a well-known distance runner, will run to the Penrhiwceiber War Memorial where he will hand the message to Councillor W Morgan, chairman of Mountain Ash Council who will read it to the crowd.
Councillor Ann Crimmings, chairwoman of the Nos Galan committee, said: "With events of this magnitude, there will inevitably be some disruption, but we ask motorists and residents to bear with us and, if necessary, to make alternative arrangements.
Galan sheds light on the organization of the murder, its contexts, the involvement of US governmental agencies, the trial, and the strenuous effort made by the Jesuit priest Jose Maria Tojeira to establish the truth.
Wealthy and living comfortably from real estate ventures, Galan decided to take a sabbatical and go back to school and earned a degree in clinical psychology about the same time the recession decimated a chunk of the national economy.
La obra se abre con un Prologo del mismo autor, al que siguen tres partes, que segun Galan tienen una estructura dialectica.
Durante 23 de los 24 anos que han transcurrido desde el magnicidio de Galan, las investigaciones se centraron en Escobar, quien tenla moviles claros para asesinar al candidato liberal: el lo habia expulsado en febrero de 1982 del Nuevo Liberalismo.
Throughout the volume, Galan manages rather skillfully to fuse his critical and creative voice, thereby creating an entirely new lexicon with which to approach the often arcane and jargon-laden discipline of critical writing.
Galan is a veteran of the Canberra poetry slam, and appears to be doing only a handful of U.
Galan organizes the critical introduction to Obeliscus Zacatecanus into six sections that explore the historical, philosophical and esthetic context of the 1727 text.
According to Ernesto Marcias Galan, president of the Alliance of Rural Electrification (ARE), rural electrification projects are a practical option, due to the advancements of technology in renewable energy, and the rising cost of fuel.
Its chairman and CEO Ignacio Galan said in a presentation to analysts in London today that by the end of this year his company targets sale of EUR1bn worth of assets and will reduce its investment in regulated operations.
The San Sebastian fest's modern era began with the 1986 arrival of the popular Diego Galan as its director.
Heather Galan, a Hawaii-based chiropractor who specializes in an innovative practice called Active Release Technique (ART).