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(Arthurian legend) the most virtuous knight of the Round Table


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Galahad, Parsifal, and Marcus Aurelius, as I say, might have remained tranquil in his presence, but Robert Ferguson found the contract too large.
So might our fame have gone down together for all time, and you be numbered with Sir Percival or Sir Galahad, or all the other rescuers of oppressed ladies.
At this the susceptible Bell, like a true Sir Galahad, dashed after the moving train and sprang aboard, without ticket or baggage, oblivious of his classes and his poverty and of all else except this one maiden's distress.
But why do the Sir Galahads who very rarely come into our midst have to die in plane crashes in their prime?
So there I am, all set to buy a can of tuna fish made by an explicitly evil corporation and along comes one of these Galahads scanning my purchases with the Geiger counter, sending off a loud noise apprising everyone within earshot that I am deliberately advancing the cause of Satan.
Such were the sentiments of mid-century princes whose imaginations were still fired as much by the Lancelots and Galahads of medieval romance as by the Caesars and Hannibals of Antiquity.