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Synonyms for training

Synonyms for training

the act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

repetition of an action so as to develop or maintain one's skill

Synonyms for training

the result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior)

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The therapeutic goals of this approach are built on entirely different principles than conventional gait training and seek to achieve restoration and recovery of walking through the inherent capacities of the spinal and supraspinal locomotor centers [10].
In the last decade, devices for electromechanically assisted gait training have been developed to allow nonambulatory patients to practice intensive, task-oriented exercise.
This confirms what is already clear to anyone who has attempted to learn how to provide manual assistance to the leg during step training: manual skill in gait training is learned and requires intensive repetitive practice.
Data collection to quantify initial voluntary function was repeated after 36 sessions of FES-assisted gait training.
That trial showed that an advantage of gait robot training versus conventional gait training existed in terms of single-limb stance duration [11].
A pilot study of randomized clinical controlled trial of gait training in subacute stroke patients with partial body-weight support electromechanical gait trainer and functional electrical stimulation: Six-month follow-up.
Further studies are needed to optimize the translation of treadmill gait training to overground walking.
5 Gait Training Devices / Unweighting Systems / Automated Treadmills 139
Key Topics: - Exoskeleton - Spinal Cord Injury - Stroke Protocols - Active Prostheses - Exoskeletons - Robotic Technologies Leverage Neuroplasticity - Wearable Robotics - Strengthen The Upper Extremity - Wearable Robots - Strengthen The Lower Extremity - Hand Rehabilitation - Physical Therapy Automation - Recovery After Hip Injury - Wrist Rehabilitation - Stroke Rehabilitation - Exoskeleton Software - Hip Rehabilitation - Anti-Gravity Treadmill - Gait Training - Spinal Cord Injury RehabilitationKey Topics Covered: Exoskeleton Robots Market Shares, Market Strategy, and Market Forecasts, 2015 to 2021 1.
Balance and gait training have produced promising results in maintaining function (5).
It is possible for people with motor-incomplete SCI (m-iSCI) to recover basic walking function, especially with intensive, task-specific gait training [3].
The lane is used for sprints to get our athletes back to doing some running and we also use it for gait training,'' Terri explains.
Intervention began with bed exercises and was progressed through bed mobility, seated exercises, transfer training, standing exercises, standing balance activities, and gait training (Table 1), which is similar to the progression of mobilization activities outlined in previous early mobility research (10), (11) as well as the progression of activity used in previous TAH and biventricular assist device cases.
In 29 chapters aimed at physicians, prosthetists, and therapists and presented in an outline format, they address anatomy and kinesiology, surgical and other principles of amputation, patient assessment, prosthetic design and function, sockets and suspension systems, prosthetic restoration and management of various types of amputations, gait training and deviations, prosthetic components, psychological adjustment and related clinical issues, sexuality, return to the community, participation in sports and recreation, pain, skin challenges, musculoskeletal problems, and special populations: cancer patients, multiple-extremity amputees, infants and children, and aging patients.