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Synonyms for gait

Synonyms for gait

the rate of moving (especially walking or running)


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Gait analysis methods: an overview of wearable and non-wearable systems, Highlighting Clinical Applications, Sensors 14: 3362-3394.
We decided to set a free prize draw where one lucky winner will win a free gait analysis on us, free trainers from Start Fitness and we'll even pay the PS200 charity registration sponsor fee so the runner can run for the Smile for Life charity.
Clinical or three-dimensional Gait Analysis is a specialized area of clinical practice that assesses, plans, and treats individuals with conditions that affect their walking ability.
So, when a regular runner goes to a functional therapist with a recurrent knee injury, for example, the first thing they would do is a gait analysis, which helps identify the cause of injuries or underlying issues which may cause future injury.
Of gait analysis, he said it provides comprehensive information on skeletal alignment and muscle function to diagnose walking disorders.
It fully covers essential information across a range of transtibial and transfemoral prostheses, components, biomechanics, evaluation, and gait analysis.
To accurately determine any level of function requires the application of gait analysis techniques.
Il paziente preso in esame e stato trattato settimanalmente con una seduta di un'ora, per tre mesi consecutivi (settembre 2008 -- novembre 2008); e stato sottoposto a valutazioni pre e post-trattamento attraverso la somministrazione di scale soggettive per il dolore (VAS), per la sensazione di dolore e rigidita in alcuni movimenti e attivita della vita quotidiana (scala tipo VAS modificata, creata appositamente per questo studio) e di sessioni di Gait Analysis, per la cinematica del cammino.
Validation of the Hughston Clinic subjective knee questionnaire using gait analysis.
Physical therapy supervisors and instructors from Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center share the systematic means of observational gait analysis that they have developed.
The standard gait analysis was proved to be straight forward, and no further changes were needed in order to perform the inverse dynamics analysis.
For clinical application, in particular, the breakthrough of three-dimensional motion analysis can be attributed to Gait Analysis (GA), or quantitative analysis of walking, which is generally applied in patients with difficulties in walking.
At the age of 12 he fronted the campaign to buy a new gait analysis machine.
The footage was scored according to the Rivermead Visual Gait Analysis scale and a 100-mm visual analogue scale (Pomeroy et al 2003).
In 1997 she introduced routine gait analysis for children at Bangor Child Development Centre, the first such service in the world.