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a university town in north central Florida

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After receiving his doctorate from the University of Florida in Gainsville, Dr.
Ellis, saying a second substantially complete Tyrannosaurus skeleton was found at Prokopi's Gainsville, Florida, home while a third was believed to be in Great Britain.
biochemist Steven Benner, head of the Foundation For Applied Molecular Evolution in Gainsville, Fla.
Smoke from a nearby marsh fire in Gainsville combined with thick fog to create lethal driving conditions on Interstate 75.
Connie White, director of media and technology for Lakeview Academy in Gainsville, GA, believes security concerns need to be balanced with educational ones: "Web 2.
En pocas palabras, el auto de fe--palabra historica que hacia mucho tiempo no aparecia en los medios de comunicacion modernos: se refiere a la proclamacion de publica y solemne de las culpas y sentencias de los acusados por el antiguo tribunal eclesiastico de la Inquisicion, pero tambien significa la ejecucion de esas sentencias y la accion de quemar algo, especialmente libros o documentos, por motivos ideologicos o religiosos--del pastor "iluminado" Terry Jones, de la iglesia pentecostal Dove World Outreach Center, en Gainsville, Florida, para quemar un Coran, incendio no un solo volumen sino a todos los seguidores de Mahoma.
On March 20, Florida Pastor Terry Jones, who last year put off a burning of the Koran, allowed for the book to be burned by one of his assistants at his Doveworld Outreach compound in Gainsville, Florida at an event resembling a trial.
Ben Briscoe missed the cut in a Hooters Tour event in Gainsville, Georgia after a pair of 75s, only the third cut the 27-year-old Old Colwyn member has missed in the last three years.
Bridget Grogan, associate news director for pubcaster WUFT-TV in Gainsville, Fla.
Wayne Sapp, pastor adjunto en la iglesia estadounidense Dove World Outreach Center de Gainsville, Florida, justificando la idea de quemar el Coran.
But even after Petraeus and Obama called on Jones to cancel the event, and after he was denied an open burning permit by the city of Gainsville, Jones announced he would move forward with his plans, saying, "We think it's time to turn the tables, and instead of possibly blaming us for what could happen, we put the blame where it belongs--on the people who would do it," Jones told the Associated Press.
Perceived insults spread like wild-fire in an age of 24-hour news cycles and YouTube virals, where the raving of a single pastor in Gainsville, Fla, becomes the ranting of a furious Kashmiri crowd in a matter of hours.
The pastor of a small right-wing church organization in Gainsville, Florida called off his threat to burn copies of the Holy Qur'an on Sept.
Reverend Jones managed to keep the entire world in suspense for almost a week - a remarkable achievement for a priest with just 30-odd followers in his home town, Gainsville, Florida - even if he thanks God for the feat.
Gainsville elected the openly-gay Lowe as mayor earlier this year.