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(Greek mythology) goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythology


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Now with Vivox, Gaians will be able to further customize avatars with voice fonts that will give users a unique tone to their voice.
Gaians Can Now Pay for Gaia Cash with Only Their Mobile Phone Number
By leveraging AOL's AIM service we're able to provide Gaians with the tools to find friends and meet up in the community to watch movies, play games, or simply chat with each other much easier than before.
The eerie event will give loyal Gaians and newbies alike the opportunity to choose from an endless selection of over-the-top costumes, socialize and trick-or-treat with friends from all over the country and play freaky Halloween-inspired games.
From the nearly 100 new off-beat games (that didn't quite make the cut for Beijing) and Olympic themed avatar uniforms, to virtual training areas and the Olympic stadium, the Rejected Olympics will give loyal Gaians and newbies alike the opportunity to compete and take home the gold, Gaia Gold that is.
More than 350,000 Gaians log into Gaia Online each day, many of them participating in one of the most active forums on the Web with more than 1 billion posts to date.
As part of the event, Project Runway's Christian Siriano has designed an exclusive line of avatar prom garb to ensure all Gaians - both veterans and newbies - are stylin' for the big event.