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(Greek mythology) goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythology


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s theology contributes to the emergence of eco-theologies that reach beyond stewardship into a robust, devotional engagement with a more Gaian spiritual activism emerging from Jewish mystical sources.
One intriguing prediction of the Gaian Bottleneck model is that the vast majority of fossils in the universe will be from extinct microbial life, not from multicellular species such as dinosaurs or humanoids that take billions of years to evolve," said Associate Professor Lineweaver.
Gaian science cannot be fully explored here, but a quick review will be helpful.
The ten sion Pocock identifies between the Aristotlean and Gaian understandings of citizenship and the systematic exclusions he cites are closely related symptoms of a deeper problem in the architecture of the concept of citizenship.
He advo-cates a Gaian view, explaining that the earth will eventually either embrace humankind or eliminate us.
Jackson details how to implement a Gaian world order that promotes global cooperative governance.
Andrulis' paradigm substantiates the Gaian premise that all organisms and their surroundings on earth are closely integrated to form a single self-regulating complex system.
Like Stephen Harrod Buhner, one of the founders of the Foundation for Gaian Studies, I believe that the first ecological action to reclaim the world is reclaiming our own bodies.
140) Gaian theory places humankind within a parliament of
I'm sure I've missed some of the ideological heresies Morton consequently banishes, but in 135 pages he excommunicates localism, holism, atomism, organicism, Puritanism (by which he means any discussion of limits to human consumption), masculinity, cuteness, nostalgia, wilderness preservation, deep ecology, Gaian geophysiology, community, sincerity, individualism, post-humanism, consequentialism, neoliberalism, capitalism, authority, harmony, biopower and sustainability.
The remaining entrants included Mosses Balawon (1,149), Rolly Solano (1,144), Mohammed Al Hashmi (1,134), Dr Lito Fernandez (1,128), Musaad Al Gaian (1,107), Jay Castillo (1,107), Essa Mudhaffar (530) and Ahmed Fareed (501).
Looking back to James Lovelock's concept of Gala--that the biosphere is a self-regulating entity with the capacity to keep the Earth healthy by controlling the chemical and physical environment--Flannery asks whether the human race could be Gaian, too, and capable of mutual interdependence with the planet.
Even if Ward has exaggerated the importance of the Medean tendencies of life (and I think he has), the grim science he describes demands a rethinking of the Gaian view.
In simplest terms, it demonstrates the Gaian principle of a planet being regulated by its organisms, and its organisms being regulated by the planet - or the planet's temperature.