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(Greek mythology) goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythology


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Gaian science cannot be fully explored here, but a quick review will be helpful.
For the first time, Gaians around the world will actively participate in choosing the best cosplayer at one of the biggest events of its kind in the U.
Thus reflective, thinking Muslims today can critically appropriate the secular, quasi-paganistic Gaian (13) notion of reducing one's 'ecological footprint' (14) and re-ground it into an authentic Islamic eco-spiritual ethos of the environment.
In this category can be included Fritz Haeg's ongoing Edible Estates project where he transforms suburban lawns into vegetable gardens, Gaian Mind's biodegradable paper toys that sow seeds in their wake, and Edith Abeyta's journey across the country to bake apple pies in strangers' homes.
Although Lovelock presents the Gaian concept as a scientific theory, it has attained stature in some communities as the central concept of a spiritual system, let alone "the next 'big idea' .
Such aesthetics derive ultimately from Presocratic philosophy, where the world can be understood only as living form whose categories are founded, as an environmentalist might say, upon a Gaian theory of mind.
She is also the author the World of the Fae series; Pillars of the World, the Shadows and the Light, and the House of Gaian.
Too often, and frequently in rebuttal to some of the more outlandish right-wing think tank climate change pieces, green Gaian gurus espouse the virtues of eating organic, vegetarian food, or some other quick fix, as a means of combating global warming.
And perhaps ultra-consistent Sahara Prince, whose only win this season came at Haydock, might gaian an overdue success on home soil in the ladbrokes.
Not only does it show a Gaian nature, 'green and wrapped in an embrace', but a cosmic process, a cosmogenesis, 'unfolding in jumps towards greater complexity'.
Gaian theory is used here to describe the interrelatedness of everything in a coevolutionary narrative.
The second largest project was that of PT Gain Oasis, a joint venture between I Made Mustika and Gaian Oasis from Hamburg, Germany.
Q: What do you think about the Gaian philosophy as the spiritual backbone of people's consciousness?
In the emerging Gaian politics," begins one blurb in the L.
But what excites many researches is the possibility that this might be an example of a Gaian relationship.