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(Greek mythology) goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythology


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There are also the cooperatives in South Africa, growing organic rooibos that joined in 1996, followed by the group of small organic farmers, SOFA, in the Kandy region in Sri Lanka, who started to supply their teas to Les Jardins de Gaia in 1997.
Founded in 2003, Gaia Interactive runs Gaia Online, the leading online hangout for teens and young adults.
An Edinburgh Napier University graduate, Gaia moved to the region in 2006 and has since taken on many exciting roles within a variety of market sectors.
Rosy Salameh, assistant executive director at Tiger, Gaia Award 2008 winners, said, "Winning the Gold Gaia Award last year for Solasteel as well as two Silvers for our Solacoat products was a significant achievement for the company and this year we hope to repeat our success as we launch a range of new 'green' products at The Big 5.
Unlike Pan-STARRS, which will be constructed on firm Earth, Gaia will be launched into space strapped to a rocket.
Margulis describes Gaia as a "tough bitch," and both she and Lovelock have emphasized that we need Gaia a lot more than she needs us.
Rather than seek expansion financing from another bank--or maintain their 2003 operating level--the women chose to close Gaia.
Although The Revenge of Gaia is always bracing, the solidity of its arguments is another matter.
Simon, with Gaia Institute founder Paul Mankiewicz, pushed the Bronx project to completion in June 2005.
Loner Gaia Moore, protagonist of Francine Pascal's Fearless series, graduates from Stanford, and her future looks bright until Kevin, her only college acquaintance, straps a bomb to himself and threatens to blow the student body to smithereens.
Gaia Books has been acquired by The Octopus Publishing Group in a move to boost its strength in the mind, body and spirit (MBS) market.
Bruce Fox, project manager for GAIA in Sudbury, believes the' company has found its niche in dealing with the environmental concerns of its clients.
In 1999, Gaia put the alcohol-mixed fuel on sale for automobiles.
Gaiax filed the suit with the Fukuoka District Court, claiming that it suffered damages when Gaia Energy Inc.
The acquisition of all Gaia capital has been conducted through the public relations agency and WPP subsidiary Hill and Knowlton.