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(Greek mythology) goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythology


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For additional information on the Gaia initiative, please view the Gaia press kit and Gaia scientific and technical information.
The mounting and precise alignment of the 106 CCDs is a key step in the assembly of the flight model focal plane assembly," said Philippe Gare, ESA's Gaia payload manager.
The three transactions announced last week include 5 West 91th Street, which will be rebranded Gaia by the Park.
Gaia Geothermal has been developing advanced and user-friendly geothermal design software tools since 1998.
But a Gaia hypothesis - Gaia as already produced by nice natural selection - is just more anachronistic Stoicism, which Huxley targeted for a scathing indictment.
Perhaps, say Gaia supporters, these plants behave like a living thermostat, maintaining the earth's temperature at a comfortable level--a suggestion that is stimulating both experiment and debate.
To enroll you child for The Gaia Performing Arts Training Centre, you can log on to www.
Gaia and is currently selling 144 renovated condominium units at the Corinthian, at 330 East 38th Street.
Recently, a critical manoeuvre boosted Gaia into its 263,000 x 707,000 x 370,000 km, 180 day-long orbit around L2.
In Phase II, GAIA and TKMS will jointly assemble a large number of the cells into a full-scale module for the power supply of a submarine.
The concept of Gaia, as developed by scientist James Lovelock, holds that life on Earth sustains and shapes the planet.
Friends say six-month-old Gaia Romilly - who has a healthy shock of dark hair herself - has made her feel young again.
Join children's entertainer Gaia as she takes a magical trip to Handlandia, a place where everybody sings, dances and learns how to talk in a whole new way.
OTCBB: VPIG) announced today that it has reached an agreement with Gaia Online to incorporate its safe youth payments technology onto their site.