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Synonyms for interjection

Synonyms for interjection

an abrupt emphatic exclamation expressing emotion

the action of interjecting or interposing an action or remark that interrupts

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TROUBLE SPOT Base's location in Helmand SHOCKED British troops at the Lashkar Gah base TAKEOVER Afghan Army soldiers are being trained
Afghan soldiers and police have been assuming responsibility for keeping Lashkar Gah safe over recent months and today no Nato troops are involved in the day-to-day security of the city, the Ministry of Defence said.
After briefings from senior officers at Lashkar Gah, he enjoyed a barbecue with some of the troops there before heading to Camp Bastion last night.
Al Jazeera's James Bays, reporting from Lashkar Gah, said the bomb was apparently planted on a bicycle, although it was not clear if it was a suicide attack.
But Marjah resident Ahmad Jan, speaking by telephone, said: "Since I came to Lashkar Gah, I haven't received any assistance".
Torsello, a Muslim convert, was able to contact by phone a surgical center run by an Italian organization in Lashkar Gah late Saturday asking the organization to explain to his abductors his good intentions as a fellow Muslim, the news agency added.
Cunningham AA, Kirkwood JK, Dawson M, Spencer YI, Green RB, Wells GAH.
But the necessity of preserving affordable housing in rural communities cannot be overstated," stated Tanya Eastwood, Senior Vice President, GAH.
The mourning procession after marching its traditional routes of Saddar, Bohri Bazaar, Risala Road, Lajpat Road and Station Road, terminate at Qadam Gah Moula Ali before Maghrib prayers where Aftar will be arranged by Anjuman-e-Haideri for mourners.
The main base at Lashkar Gah, which opened in 2006 and served as the headquarters of Task Force Helmand until it moved to Camp Bastion in August, was handed over to the Afghans on February 24.
AM to 12 PM, resultantly the consumers of 11 kv New Bughdada, Par Hoti, Doran Abad, New Eid Gah, Shah Dhand, Shankar, Old Eid Gah feeders will face inconvenience.
Spat Gah is the left bank tributary of Indus River in Kohistan District, NWFP.
Under previous project, estimated construction cost of Dhok Rata, Eid Gah and Khayaban graveyards was Rs 7 million which has now raised up to Rs 8.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The son of an Afghan police official was killed and three policemen injured Wednesday night in a suicide bombing in Laghkar Gah, the provincial capital of the Southern province of Helmand, the authorities said Thursday morning.
THE headquarters of the British military operation in Afghanistan has moved from Lashkar Gah to Camp Bastion, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said.