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able to communicate in Gaelic

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The Christian faith was planted widely, though unevenly, by various missionary bodies in the Gaelic-speaking Highlands.
Bishop Plessis of Quebec, under whose jurisdiction the Maritimes remained until 1817, made two pastoral visits, in 1812 and 1815, when he learned how much deprived of spiritual needs were his Gaelic-speaking flock.
Galway, Ireland - The Bohemian heart of Ireland, here, guests can enjoy the talents of the many musicians and artists who flock to the city, or join the Gaelic-speaking locals in a pub as they sing traditional Irish songs.
Sawyers, a Scots-born writer and editor of popular and regional histories, offers an encyclopedia for general readers that contains entries on the Highland Clearances, when indigenous Gaelic-speaking people of the Scottish Highlands and Islands were evicted from the area to make way for cattle and sheep farms and sporting estates between 1790 and 1855.
After retiring not only did Carmel spend time writing poetry and studying Irish history but she went to learn Gaelic at Galway Gaeltacht - the biggest Gaelic-speaking region in Ireland.
The company's Scottish Gaelic-speaking bear has sold 6,000, having been launched in October.
Synge, who had been living in Paris and in the view of Yeats disconnected from his literary roots, took his advice, and his 1907 book "The Aran Islands" recounts his experiences among the Gaelic-speaking fishermen and farmers.
A Scot himself -with a Gaelic-speaking dad, Neil has lived in England now for 20 years.
Bankrupt and bitterly divided between the English-speaking and Protestant Lowlands and the largely Catholic and Gaelic-speaking Highlands, it was mired in a bigoted and restrictive religion worthy of the Taliban in which young men were hanged for denying the Trinity.
Thousands of Gaelic-speaking people from around the world, including Australia and USA, are also due to attend the Mod - the first to take place in Caithness in its 118-year history.
The history of Ulster presents an obvious case study in Irish-speaking native and English-speaking planter, of course, but it also encompasses the immigration of Scots Gaelic-speaking Presbyterians (many of whom were more at home linguistically with their new Irish-speaking neighbors), lowland Lallans- and English-peaking Scots, and English-speakers from England--yielding, in the subsequent contact between these languages, Ulster Scots, northern dialects of Hiberno-English, new iterations of existing local dialects of Irish, and any number of combinations from the above.
IT IS almost beyond belief that the BBC, under the cover of the Gaelic-speaking station Alba's banner, should televise live the Brechin v Cowdenbeath playoff match last Sunday.
Celtic and Gaelic-speaking get-togethers were especially frowned upon.
THE search for a Gaelic-speaking child to star in a Hollywood movie being filmed in Scotland has ended - with the part going to an Irish youngster.
John Wayne had a Gaelic-speaking costar in The Quiet Man - who was it?