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Synonyms for Gaelic

any of several related languages of the Celts in Ireland and Scotland

relating to or characteristic of the Celts


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Newton continues his work on Scottish Gaelic heritage with an anthology of Gaelic poetry and prose literature from Canada, followed by English translations.
Clann Throndairnis brings together pupils from Staffin and Kilmuir primary schools on Skye as well as parents, members of the local communities and creative, cultural and Gaelic organisations with the single aim of inspiring an appreciation of Gaelic heritage.
Isla is not the only character who can be viewed as signifying a break with the past while simultaneously reinforcing the presence of Gaelic heritage in the lives of the characters.
But despite its Gaelic heritage, The Gage is not an Irish theme pub, even if some of the dishes, such as roast duck with black pudding hash, hint at robust food inf luences.
She describes how the four masters (historians Micheal O Cleirigh OFM, Cu Choigcriche O Cleirigh, Fearfeasa O Maoil Chonaire, and Cu Choigcriche O Duibhgeannain) collaborated in the production and revision of their history of Ireland in the early seventeenth-century, and how the annals became an important element of the community's Gaelic heritage.
The trip includes a full day's excursion across rolling landscapes to the festive city of Galway and Connemara, guardian of Gaelic heritage and a scenic delight
The grandfather, powerfully played by poet Aonghas Padraig Caimbeul, spins magical realist yarns of family history to assuage their mutual grief, and to persuade his grandson to cherish his Gaelic heritage.