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Synonyms for Gaelic

any of several related languages of the Celts in Ireland and Scotland

relating to or characteristic of the Celts


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129) "Another Loathsome Picture Coming," Gaelic American 3 Sept.
In essence, the Gaelic League, with its espousal of patriotism and self-sufficiency, was to pave the way for Irish independence from Britain.
The programme is being organised in association with the Leinster Council of the Gaelic Athletic Association and Dublin City University, where Curran is in her third year of a Sports Science and Health degree.
All this on the basis of 58,000 Gaelic speakers (2001 census) out of a population of 5,062,011 compared to 611,000 Welsh speakers out of a population of just under 3,000,000 in Wales plus 11,500 in England and 25,000 in Chubut, Argentina.
The aims of the Gaelic League become clearer through an examination of cultural nationalism.
The men's and ladies teams have been set up by students, who secured sponsorship for the special Gaelic goal posts, and persuaded the university to site the new pitch at Bullocksteads.
He said: "Around 350 children are currently signed upto the scheme, learning to play Gaelic during PE or after-school clubs.
Edinburgh University student Padruig was named the Young Ambassador of the Year at the event which celebrates all aspects of Gaelic life.
It may be a truism to state that we must understand our history if we are to be able to interpret our present and future, but this is, nevertheless, one positive result of the literary and historical criticism conducted by Stroh in relation to Gaelic Scotland.
Since the introduction of the Gaelic Schools Capital Fund in 2008 the number of young people in Gaelic medium education has increased nationally by 32%.
The Gaelic Language Act 2005 recognises both English and (Scottish) Gaelic as official languages of Scotland which are to be treated with 'equal respect' by public authorities (McLeod 2006).
Politicians have been accused of failing to give the Gaelic language the same respect as English.
The Arabian Celts Gaelic football club is urging women to join the ranks of its popular squad to raise awareness and further develop the sport in the kingdom.
YOUR correspondent James of Edinburgh is mistaken in thinking that "gansey" is a Gaelic word, quoting the Welsh version "ganseigh" in support of his claim.
This dual-language text collects articles by Gaelic poet Duncan Blair (1815-1893) published in the then famous Nova Scotia Gaelic newspaper Mac-Talla.