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a Gaelic-speaking Celt in Ireland or Scotland or the Isle of Man

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Edinburgh is lovingly created and delineated throughout, as in this paragraph of distinction: 'This was not Glasgow, with its soft, western light, and its proximity to Ireland and to the Gaeldom of the Highlands.
In the radical newspaper he founded, the West Highland Free Press, Brian provided a much-needed platform for the people and language of Gaeldom.
The discussion of the MacDonald Lordship of the Isles is especially effective, restoring Gaeldom to its proper place as an integral player in the history of medieval Scotland.
The official stance towards the GPA - the newly established players' body - is so openly hostile you might think its manifesto included a threat to rape the womenfolk of Gaeldom.
When I asked him how he'd enjoyed last year's Mod in Stornoway, I expected him to tell me all about the cultural renaissance in Gaeldom or maybe the merits of the chosen bard.