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a Gaelic-speaking Celt in Ireland or Scotland or the Isle of Man

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On Monday, the Lady Gaels lost 4-0 to Hudson while, last week, Clinton defeated North Central Charter, 6-1.
He said: "I think the rows that are developing is evidence that the Labour Party have woken up to the fact that Fine Gael have played a very cynical election campaign.
Mae'n rhaid i fusnesau gael pobl sydd rhagor o sgiliau a dealltwriaeth dda o fusnes i dyfu a chystadlu mewn marchnadoedd cenedlaethol a rhyngwladol.
If John Bruton had one ounce of pride in his country he would hand over the Fine Gael leader's baton to someone else.
Fine Gael want to keep taxes as low as possible, we want growth as high as possible.
There can be no doubt that Irish Water has been a total disaster although Fine Gael and Labour can not admit to this massive mistake.
Tough-talking Eamon Gilmore's Labour have enjoyed a dramatic three-point bounce to lessen the gap on Fine Gael.
Any internal party matters are dealt with in the strictest of confidence and Fine Gael will not be making any further comment.
Next Fine Gael leader - BoyleSports: 2-5 L Varadkar, 7-4 S Coveney, 25 R Bruton; Taoiseach after next general election: 1-2 M Martin, 9-4 L Varadkar, 6 S Coveney, 25 M McGrath, others on request.
The 2011 elections brought to power a coalition government made up of the Fine Gael and the Irish Labour Party.
Total consideration is GBP 21m, including the assumption of cash balances in Gael of GBP 3m.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 18, 2014-Ideagen to Acquire Gael for GPB 18m in Cash
Newsnight Cymru PARTHED y cwestiwn o gael rhaglen debyg i Newsnight yng Nghymru: Oni fyddai'n well gofyn i Jeremy Paxman ddod ar Cariad at Iaith er mwyn ei gael ef gan fod yna gymaint o feddwl ohono.
The Clinton Gaels Second Chance Scholarship will support a Clinton Gael, starting with a student in the fall 2014 class.
Ond mae'r ffaith iddi gael ei ffordd ei hun erioed yn ei gwneud yn anghenus, a gwae unrhyw un allai ddod rhyngddi hi a'i huchelgais mewn bywyd, fel y mae ei theulu ar fin darganfod.