Gadus morhua

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one of the world's most important commercial fishes


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Spatiotemporal SNP analysis reveals pronounced biocomplexity at the northern range margin of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua.
The isolation of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua (Gadiformes), populations in northern meromictic lakes--A recurrent Arctic phenomenon.
Como describe Morrison (22) para Gadus morhua el higado, como el de otros peces, no se encuentra lobulado como en mamiferos, este se halla conformado por arterias hepaticas, ductos biliares y venas, aunque en este caso no se encontraron agrupados en triadas hepaticas como el mismo describe para el bacalao.
The best-known and most commercially important is the Atlantic cod - Gadus morhua.
The climatic changes ushered in the Little Ice Age, a 550-year period of unpredictable weather patterns that disrupted agricultural production, undermined governments--and gave Gadus morhua, the Atlantic cod, a pivotal role in the discovery and settlement of North America.
Correspondence of the species' biological stock structure with that of its current management units was largely the result of the overriding importance of haddock and Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua, to the fishery when the stock boundaries in the northwest Atlantic were originally identified in 1932 by the North American Council on Fishery Investigations, and in 1951 by the International Commission for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries, as information on stock separation was only available for these two species at those times (Halliday and Pinhorn, 1990).
Here, we report the results of a second test of the associative overdominance hypothesis examining the effects of heterozygosity at ten nuclear RFLP loci on growth rate in two Norwegian populations of the Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua.
The Gadus Morhua, better known as the Atlantic cod, has for centuries been the most important species.
The question of ancestry and the relatedness of populations has been investigated for various fishes, such as cod, Gadus morhua (Smith et al.
Functional Genomics Research of Atlantic Cod Gadus morhua
Influences of potential predictor variables on gastric evacuation in Atlantic cod Gadus morhua feeding on fish prey: parameterization of a generic model.
Suppression of reproduction in Atlantic cod Gadus morhua.
2007) reported that the increase of the overall length in the intestinal epithelium of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua larvae was positively related to the increase in the AKP activity.