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Synonyms for gadfly

a persistently annoying person

any of various large flies that annoy livestock

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Acceptance of them won't keep the gadflies from hounding you, but it will offer some sensible rebuttals to their assertions.
Three clubs already recruiting for next season are Premier Division MSC Eastham (Paul Gee 07944 968 599) rival Premier side TSF (Dave Berry 07732 099 812) and New Brighton based Peggy Gadflies (Anne Dowdswell 07702 539 064).
These insulating actions have not won the council members new fans, especially since their own conduct has chased away everyone but gadflies from their meetings.
In the only game which took place in Division One Sportsman's Arms went second after they pulled off a fine 4-1 victory at Wirral Athletic while Division Two leaders Peggy Gadflies suffered a 3-2 defeat at rivals Parkview Social.
But the council -- frustrated by activists and gadflies who use their time to chastise and shout at council members -- has reduced individual public comment time from two minutes to one minute on busy days.
Kelma look title challengers after a 5-0 win over Moreton Shore, and Paul Gunderson scored two for Peggy Gadflies as they beat Malt Shovel 5-0.
30 pm):B Arrowe Park 2 Peggy Gadflies 3; B The Exmouth 1Vanser Res.
For a fascinating look back at jackrabbit hunters, sugar heirs, scheming social climbers and civic gadflies, hitch up with Coronado Touring for Nancy Cobb's outstanding walking tour.
30 pm):B The Exmouth 5 Bird in Hand 5; B Peggy Gadflies 1Vanser Res 1; C Black Horse 7 Admiral 1; CKelma 4 Levers 2; D Black Horse Engines 2 BeechwoodFalcons 7; D The Plough 2004 2 Newton9.
Like other public agencies, the board must juggle a sometimes hefty agenda with the need to hear from the public, including gadflies and those who harshly criticize the panel's actions.
2; BPeggy Gadflies 1Birkenhead Youth 5; C Bronze Social 1Parkfield B.
But among the industry gadflies we polled, the Philadelphia area edged North Carolina.
Now that he is the Arab League's secretary-general, Al-Araby, 75, said he plans to order investigations into alleged human rights abuses perpetrated by forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadflies.