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a cushion on a throne for a prince in India

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It's our belief that the issue holding back most brands is an imbalance in a very simple equation," said Ben Gaddis.
But the email chain between Gaddis and Herbert Grey, an attorney for the couple, shows that consensus didn't last.
Gaddis Luxor opened its doors in 1995, and was last renovated in 2011.
In addition to the presentation by Gaddis, the luncheon meeting will function as the FPRA Southwest Florida Chapter's annual meeting and election of officers for the 2015-2016 year.
Gaddis serves as a totemic figure for Taylor in works like The Recognitions (1955) and JR (1975) that anticipate the vertiginous feeling occasioned by representations run amok.
Gaddis founded T3 in 1989, and today the company is the largest independent advertising agency owned by a woman in the US, with 200 employees and more than USD200m in capitalized billings.
It was his first book and subsequent articles that brought Gaddis to Kennan's attention and led him to choose Gaddis as his authorized biographer.
Gaddis, who has worked in CEC's Corporate Development department since 2012, will help bring CEC's energy efficiency services to the attention of multifamily building owners.
Writer Vincent Gaddis came up with a name for that region in the men's magazine Argosy in 1964.
Yale historian John Lewis Gaddis began this history of the great Cold War strategist 30 years ago, and drawing on extensive interviews, he delves deep inside the man who developed U.
John Lewis Gaddis is perhaps the greatest historian of the Cold War.
Richard Gaddis is a smart-suited confidence man who knows how to run a big con but prefers to pull off a number of small scams over the course of the day, cheating many people out of a little instead of taking one or two for a lot.
Then a very junior professor at Ohio University, John Lewis Gaddis asked the already iconic George Frost Kennan if he could interview the former policy planner and ambassador to the USSR for an article he was writing for Foreign Affairs.
Susanne Gaddis, PhD, known as The Communications Doctor, is an international professional speaker, communications consultant, and executive coach.
Gaddis is an unlikely non-action hero in a story of layered subterfuge and death.