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one of a family of granular intrusive rocks

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T1 Ophioliticmelang: serpentine, Gabro, pillow lave, pelagic sediment
GHAZNI: Two Taliban fighters, including top commander Bader, were killed and another was arrested during a combined Afghan and coalition forces operation in the Kansaf and Gabro villages of the Andar district in southern Ghazni province late on Monday, Andar district chief Sher Khan Yousufza told Pajhwok on Tuesday.
In village Gabro Matelo, district Khairpur young couple Razza Jagirani and Lelal jagirani shot dead in the pretext of Karo Kari while in Tehseel Nao Dero of District Larkana, Fakharunnisa Narejo and her husband Israr alias Raja Narejo was killed on the basis of Karo Kari.