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(Bible) the archangel who was the messenger of God

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When Gabriel Grub had had time to fetch his breath, which the rapidity of his descent had for the moment taken away, he found himself in what appeared to be a large cavern, surrounded on all sides by crowds of goblins, ugly and grim; in the centre of the room, on an elevated seat, was stationed his friend of the churchyard; and close behind him stood Gabriel Grub himself, without power of motion.
At this command, half a dozen officious goblins, with a perpetual smile upon their faces, whom Gabriel Grub imagined to be courtiers, on that account, hastily disappeared, and presently returned with a goblet of liquid fire, which they presented to the king.
said the goblin, turning his large face towards Gabriel Grub.
He appeared disposed to add more, but indignation choked his utterance, so he lifted up one of his very pliable legs, and, flourishing it above his head a little, to insure his aim, administered a good sound kick to Gabriel Grub; immediately after which, all the goblins in waiting crowded round the wretched sexton, and kicked him without mercy, according to the established and invariable custom of courtiers upon earth, who kick whom royalty kicks, and hug whom royalty hugs.
Many a time the cloud went and came, and many a lesson it taught to Gabriel Grub, who, although his shoulders smarted with pain from the frequent applications of the goblins' feet thereunto, looked on with an interest that nothing could diminish.
The day had broken when Gabriel Grub awoke, and found himself lying at full length on the flat gravestone in the churchyard, with the wicker bottle lying empty by his side, and his coat, spade, and lantern, all well whitened by the last night's frost, scattered on the ground.
Unfortunately, these stories were somewhat disturbed by the unlooked-for reappearance of Gabriel Grub himself, some ten years afterwards, a ragged, contented, rheumatic old man.
When Gabriel was three, his nursery informed Peter that the boy was not developing at the expected rate.
Meanwhile, Gabriel is a child waking from his afternoon nap.
It explored the life of Sergeant Gabriel Purdy UE, the third-great-grandfather of Grietje R.
At the end of the episode, it was revealed that Castiel's scenes with Gabriel were just fiction created by Metatron (Curtis Armstrong), leaving viewers still unsure whether Gabriel is still alive or truly dead.
Dave Laing's "'Hand made, Hitech, Worldwide': Peter Gabriel and World Music," is a direct response to the previous essay, a barely edited reprint of chapter 2 from Timothy D.
Gabriel was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease (lymphoma) and had to leave school in order to endure six months of chemotherapy.
Dad Dylan said: "We were told last year Gabriel had two or three months to live so the very fact we still have him with us today is an absolute miracle.
Because of 9-year-old Gabriel and his easy smile, other lives also got better.