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British physicist (born in Hungary) noted for his work on holography (1900-1979)


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This enabled Gabor, who first taught how to bake bread like the popular pan de sal, to offer other courses such as welding, automotive repair, housekeeping and even dressmaking.
Gabor was often called as the original Kim Kardashian and was one of the first women to be (http://www.
This paper proposes a novel Gabor filter representation for texture feature extraction both in gray scale and color space.
In [23], a novel steganalysis feature is proposed based on 2D Gabor filters.
The Gabor company has been a fixture in Florida for over 6 decades.
The first type of feature extraction used fiducial points based on geometric positions and the second type was based on multi-scale Gabor wavelet coefficients which were extracted,using fiducial points from the facial image.
Ronald Gabor, Michael Gabor, Robert Kenney and their associates will operate from their Miami, Sebastian, Boca Raton and Tampa, Florida locations under the direction of Joel Cavaness, president of Illinois-based insurance provider Risk Placement Services, Inc.
When the problem persisted, Gabor was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles.
Where Gabor had used an arc lamp to produce coherent light to make his inline holograms with exposure of many hours, Leith and Upatnieks harnessed the coherence of the laser within four years of its invention to create off-axis (and therefore 3D) holograms with exposures measured in seconds or minutes.
LOS ANGELES -- Francesca Hilton, the daughter of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor and Hilton Hotel founder Conrad Hilton, has died in Los Angeles at age 67.
Gabor filter was presented by Hong [2] and is the most popular contextual filter.
Gabor functions) that are automatically selected from a redundant functions dictionary.
Bride and Groom: Liana Gabor, 29, and Philip Smelt, 30, formerly of Stokesley, now both of London.
Gabor wavelet can be well simulated brain cortex in single cell receptive field profiles, capture salient visual attribute.
In this paper, we propose the discrete Gabor representation (DGR) [26-28] as an effective approach for obtaining well-focused ISAR images.