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British physicist (born in Hungary) noted for his work on holography (1900-1979)


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Hilton in recent years battled stepfather Frederik von Anhalt over control of her mother's finances, with a judge at one point ordering von Anhalt to allow Hilton to visit Gabor.
Four features capturing EEG's complexity with respect to its frequency content and energy were estimated from the MMP decomposition, namely: Gabor atom density (GAD) [3], Gabor energy (GE), Gabor entropy (GEntropy) and Gabor mean frequency (GMF).
Bridesmaids/flower girls: Aneta Gabor, 36, Alexandra Smelt, 28, Lara Barton, 30, Cheryln Chang, 29, Elizabeta Ivanici, 28, Georgiana Ivanici, 26, Maria Taran, 30 and flower girl Iulia Gabor, nine.
Gabor [5] found Fourier in non stationary signal aspect flaw, he according to Heisenberg in quantum uncertainty principle, discovered and proved the one-dimensional signal uncertainty principle: a simultaneous time and frequency to depict the signal characteristics affected by its bandwidth and the duration of the lower limit of the product.
Gabor will now go on to represent the region in the London heat of the National Chef of the Year competition.
Gabor, 36-year-old chef at The Duke of Wellington in Newton in the Tyne Valley, beat competition from seven fellow culinary professionals to win the title at the close of the annual two-day Salon Culinaire festival of culinary skills.
The film ended with two officers detaining Gabor at about 4pm on February 14.
Gabor was taken to hospital in California after spending New Year's Eve at home.
Gabor, who has never revealed her real age - but is said to be in her 90s - was partially paralysed in a 2002 car accident.
In her new role, Gabor will be responsible for managing the daily operations of the firm's $1 billion domestic media buying and trading activities.
I suppose, when you consider how far away the referee was from the incident when he sent off Gabor Gyepes, it's possible to see how he came up with the decision.
Gabor and wavelet analyses have found widespread applications in signal analysis, image processing, and other information-related areas.
Survivors include her husband, Ronald Gendron, Holiday, FL; daughter, Nadine Iglowski, Auburn; sons, Earl Gabor, Webster; Stephen Gabor, Cape Coral, FL, Brian Gendron, Pacifica, CA; 6 grandchildren, Kristen and Arielle Gabor, Jennifer and Stephen Gabor, and Andrew and Adam Iglowski; and one great-grandchild, Dylan Gabor.
GABOR Gyepes this week took his first tentative competitive steps to recovery with the heartening vow: "Wolves have yet to see me at my best".
The Bridge to Terabithia," adapted from the book by Katherine Paterson, marks the live-action directing debut of Gabor Csupo, creator of the Rugrats.