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a native or inhabitant of Gabon

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environmentalists, Olam eventually succeeded in establishing itself in the Gabonese economic landscape.
An autopsy revealed that she had been poisoned, the old Gabonese curse that still plagues the population.
My new Gabonese friends made fun of me because I couldn't stop smiling.
The Nkok SEZ will help to open a window on Gabonese logging and industrial skills by utilising primary materials through an innovative and advanced industry", the President said when he first visited the site in July 2010.
The Cameroonian Andre Kana and his Gabonese driver Lucien Bernard Metogo Ollomo were arrested on June 29 by the judicial police and forest rangers, with support from Conservation Justice officials.
The Gabonese lender acquired three insurance companies in Togo, Benin and Ivory Coast last year, he said.
Shell said it's been exploring off the Gabonese coast for more than 50 years.
st] National Forum on Gabon Oil & Gas, which showcases the economic and social benefits of the oil and gas industry, will now be open to the Gabonese public for the first time.
The two presidents saluted the flag as the Tunisian and Gabonese national anthems were performed and reviewed a detachment of the armies that paid them honours.
The UO partnership came under criticism from some Gabonese, who asked why the $20 million could not have been invested in Gabon's Omar Bongo University in an attempt to educate the country's next generation of leaders and managers.
The president of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba, has reiterated the "firm and constant support of the Gabonese Republic for the Moroccan Sahara and the territorial integrity of Morocco.
The World Bank said almost one-third of Gabonese live at or below the poverty line.
E Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Gabonese Republic has assured the Libyan people that the government of Gabon is looking after all Libyan assets and in due course their legal titles will be returned to the newly elected government in a transparent way.
The much-travelled veteran, who scored Premier League goals against Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City while with the Tigers, has an agreement with Gabonese club FC Sapins that he will be released if a European club comes in.
LIBREVILLE, Mar 25, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's President Abdullah Gul said on Friday that Turkish businessmen had many investments abroad and they wanted to share their experiences with Gabonese businessmen.