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the vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends of gable roof

United States film actor (1901-1960)

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BA II: New extension C2 class tract: roofing works: 1 gabled roof not insulated, roof pitch 15 A, approximately 720 mA.
The building facade will boast a brick and stucco finish with decorative windows and a gabled roof.
He removed the flat Moot ceiling, replacing it with a ceiling at the full height of the gabled roof.
Its steep, sloping gabled roof is an area landmark and attracts many who consider a stay at the Prince of Wales an annual tradition.
Metal construction, glazing and sun protection works in two phasesNew part Main building with gabled roof fan First, Aula shed roof.
In keeping with the village's 350-year-old history, Hempstead Village Commons will be built using elements of colonial-style architecture, highlighted by a gabled roof and a red brick facade.
A gabled roof also distinguishes the entry (it runs perpendicular to the house's roof gable).
Each apartment building with a gabled roof and dormer tow.
Outside, a new trellis extends the gabled roof line over the deck to provide dappled shade; eventually, the trellis will support hop vines.
Its steep, sloping, gabled roof is an area landmark and attracts many who consider a stay at The Prince of Wales an annual tradition.
With a 5-foot cantilever, he created room for the study to expand; its new gabled roof echoes the house's main gable.
Ridge placement smooth sheet metal together with gabled roof, riveted to the top and sealed with silicone,cast collector box for stormwater concrete 0.
But to achieve the tall volume the Aratas desired in a new room, the roof over each of the surrounding wings had to come off, In the remodel, one massive gabled roof replaces the three smaller ones.
The hall takes you on an outer edge of the escape of the resulting boundary walls of the Aula Regia and makes its metallic surface and the steep gabled roof of the historic site in the city from afar.
A gabled roof, a short porch extension, and even the wooden casement windows (which were bought secondhand, all mimic features of the bigger house.