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a short pithy saying expressing a general truth

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enabling developers using GTK+ widgets to automatically build
Ch supports C90, POSIX, GTK+, socket/WinSock, and many new features in the latest 1999 C standard (C99).
HHG incorporates Tiny X (a small footprint version of the X 11 Window system); GTK+, a multi-platform graphics toolkit designed for the X Window system; Glade, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) builder for GTK+; and the IceWM window manager, a small, lightweight window manager for the X Window system.
The graphical, integrated Linux Trace Toolkit environment, based on the GTK+ library, can also plot these results and perform specific searches through key data sequences.
Applixware is the only commercial integrated Linux office suite to base its look and feel on open source interface technology through its adoption of the GTK+ technology.