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Neenah recently upgraded its GSPC system to allow the facility's two melt centers, five holding furnaces and five metal processing centers to communicate in real time.
GSPC has also come under fire for submitting bid for acquiring KG Block without properly estimating the financial and technical issues related to it.
At the same time, the rating is limited by GSPC Gas' significant exposure to the ceramics industry, the rater added.
The Company is of the view that GSPC, under the terms of its Carried Interest Agreement (CIA), would be liable for the Company's participating interest share of the amount required to complete the phase.
AQIM's leadership has been splintered by a feud, largely over the decision by Abu Mussab Abdel Wadood, also known as Abdul Malek Droukdel, to merge the GSPC with Al Qaeda in 2006.
But the GSPC seems to have bounced back this year after re-branding itself as an al Qaida affiliate.
Previously, the GSPC wasn't known for attacks on the petroleum industry, but its association with al Qaeda has apparently led the group to shift its focus.
GSPC emerged during the civil strife in the 1990s between Muslim militants and government security forces that claimed more than 150,000 lives, many of them civilian.
How many fighters the GSPC has in Mali, and whether it could radicalize the local populations, is a matter of some controversy.
The group was previously known in Algeria as GSPC, a French acronym for the Salafi Group for Predication and Combat, which had conducted attacks against security forces and civilians.
En un comunicado difundido por Internet el GSPC renovo su lealtad AI-Qaeda y prometio continuar el "jihad" (guerra santa).
GSPC has claimed ties with Al-Qaeda, according to Mauritanian police, and there are some Algerian GSPC volunteers with Zarqawi in Iraq.
He is accused of being linked with the Madrid train bomb group, the Algerian GSPC.
According to the paper, Pandian said GSPC decided to delay the project as other companies, such as Gujarat Gas Company and Adanis, also plan to build CNG stations in the state.