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Neenah recently upgraded its GSPC system to allow the facility's two melt centers, five holding furnaces and five metal processing centers to communicate in real time.
According to French intelligence and other sources, including former GSPC members, Droukdel is grappling with widespread dissension within the organisation as he seeks to unite jihadist groups in northwest Africa from Mauritania to Libya.
If the merger is granted, the minimum work program (MWP) for the New Phase I would have a total meterage drilled requirement of 33,102 meters, of which GSPC informed DGH that as at September 17, 2007 a total of 33,224 meters had been drilled, and as such the MWP for the New Phase I would have been completed.
Since implementing GSPC training last Fall, Plastikos has seen scrap rates drop by at least one-third, total efficiency improved 15% to 20%, downtime was cut 30%, and start-ups are 20% to 30% more successful.
Previously, the GSPC wasn't known for attacks on the petroleum industry, but its association with al Qaeda has apparently led the group to shift its focus.
But Mark Hordern, of estate agents GSPC, said: "The whole appeal would be the property's proximity to a premier golf course.
How many fighters the GSPC has in Mali, and whether it could radicalize the local populations, is a matter of some controversy.
The GSPC warned Muslims to avoid places popular with foreigners, because more attacks were planned.
Lanarkshire solicitor and GSPC estate agent Daniel Falls said luxury homes in the Bothwell area attracted wealthy professionals and sport stars.
GSPC has claimed ties with Al-Qaeda, according to Mauritanian police, and there are some Algerian GSPC volunteers with Zarqawi in Iraq.
National police chief Ali Tounsi said recently between 300 and 500 rebels were still active in Algeria, most in GSPC ranks.
Sahraoui took over leadership of the Salafist group, known by its French acronym GSPC, last year and declared its allegiance with al-Qaeda in September.
According to the paper, Pandian said GSPC decided to delay the project as other companies, such as Gujarat Gas Company and Adanis, also plan to build CNG stations in the state.
The Salafist Group, referred to as the GSPC in the statement, has been fighting a costly guerrilla war against the secular government and is believed to have ties to Al Qaida.