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a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver

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It's a basic truth that if you own a phone that does not work on GSM technology, and you are leaving for one of the 200+ GSM countries, you will need to buy or rent a GSM phone.
InterVideo's superior MPEG-4 technology is the ideal multimedia codec solution for integration in our latest 8-megapixel GSM phone," said Winston Lee, Senior Manager of Marketing and Sales from Xcute Mobile Corporation.
By immediately enabling GSM phones with advanced voice service capability, we are delivering IMS capabilities to existing handsets today while conforming to emerging IMS standards for new networks," Lawler added.
IVT's CTP enabled Access points and GSM phone are in pre-production stage and IVT is ready to take sample orders.
Combined with the Nokia 5140 phone, the Nokia Mobile RFID Kit is the first GSM phone integrated product offering with RFID reading capability.
During 2004, Nokia will introduce a full range of push-to-talk capable GSM phones, including Symbian OS based smartphones.
Nasdaq:TQNT) today introduced a family of fully integrated GSM front-end modules for use in dual and tri-band, low profile GSM phones.
The service enables Xpedite's customers to upload any list of GSM phone numbers and a corresponding short text message for distribution.
It complements Siemens' S40 triple-band GSM phone that will be available in the United States beginning next month.
Dual SIM GSM phones, although already popular internationally, are relatively unknown in the U.
Adolescent rats were exposed for 2 hours to GSM phones at one of three power levels: 0.
com)-- Unnecto, a dual SIM GSM phones producer known for its sleek designs as well as its budget-friendly prices, is announcing the launch of its sixth and newest phone, the TAP.