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Synonyms for extract

Synonyms for extract

to remove from a fixed position

to collect (something) bit by bit

Synonyms for extract

a solution obtained by steeping or soaking a substance (usually in water)

get despite difficulties or obstacles

Related Words

deduce (a principle) or construe (a meaning)

extract by the process of distillation

separate (a metal) from an ore

obtain from a substance, as by mechanical action

Related Words

take out of a literary work in order to cite or copy

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By renting, GSE users are better able to focus on providing the very best ramp handling services, secure in the knowledge that they are guaranteed a fleet in prime condition and one that meets EC standards.
These days, GSE and Wall Street securities fabrication has supplanted the government printing press as the paramount source of monetary inflation.
On 4th October, the Houston conpany also declared that Chief Financial Officer Michael Kirksey is resigning to take a job elsewhere, While, GSE named Daniel Storey as CFO and senior vice president.
Mark Arnold, GSE President and CEO, stated "The refinancing effort allows us to reduce our interest costs and provides increased financial flexibility to support our operational goals.
Known as a pioneer in the geosynthetics industry for developing innovative solutions for difficult engineering challenges, GSE collaborates with customers to design complete systems that are used to protect the environment from harmful substances that originate from waste disposal, manufacturing, mining operations, and energy exploration and production.
GSE is more than just a lining company," said Mark Arnold, GSE Environmental President and CEO.
HOUSTON -- Integrated branding and marketing firm BrandExtract, LLC, partnered with GSE Environmental (NYSE: GSE) to launch the company's new brand identity following GSE's listing to the New York Stock Exchange on Feb.
HOUSTON, May 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- GSE Holding, Inc.
The new credit facility, which replaces a facility scheduled to expire in May 2012, will be used by GSE to issue stand-by letters of credit (LC) and for working capital purposes, subject to specified terms and conditions.
GSE manufactures products primarily to line or cap hazardous and non-hazardous waste landfills, contain materials generated in certain mining processes; and contain water, liquid waste and industrial products in ponds, tanks, reservoirs, sewers and canals.
We are excited to welcome SynTec, a proven leader and manufacturer of geosynthetic drainage and soil reinforcement products, into the GSE family," said Mark Arnold, President and Chief Executive Officer of GSE Environmental.
GSE will contribute projects, technology, simulation engineers, facilities and approximately $1.
GSE paid approximately $123,000, and 123,000 shares of GSE common stock at closing and based upon current estimates will be obligated to pay an additional approximately $92,000 on or before September 30, 2010.
Kirksey brings to GSE more than 35 years of finance and accounting experience.
Three of the contracts announced today are from existing GSE customers, two of whom own multiple GSE simulators and look to standardize their simulation technology as much as possible.