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a central management agency that sets Federal policy for Federal procurement and real property management and information resources management

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Maize South High School GSA, sponsor: Shelly Walston swalston@ usd266.
At G2E Asia, GSA will discuss its standards and its upcoming Open Forum, which takes place on June 11 at Treasure Island in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Website services that will provide a small business with an essential online presence or a more customized website for clients that secured their GSA schedule award and require a dedicated site for GSA procurement needs
The director of defense procurement and acquisition policy, Shay Assad, said the department wants to use GSA vehicles judiciously.
This portfolio acquires a broad range of commercial products as well as some professional services, as well as GSA specialized logistics-based activities.
As part of G-ForSe, the GSA sponsors Dream Camps in collaboration with UNEP, where children and teenagers are taught not only to play soccer and tennis, but also to be good environmental stewards.
That kind of safe and fun environment is also available to Cory Ashby, 17, even if not through an official GSA.
This publication contains statistics on procurements by the GSA and more than 60 other federal agencies.
Today, in addition to GSA, the Small Business Administration (SBA), the Agency for International Development (AID), the Department of Agriculture, the Office of Personnel Management, and certain divisions within the departments of Commerce and Justice are the most expensive dumping grounds for marginal Republicans who want to cash in their campaign chits for one of Washington's 3,000 political jobs.
The GSA Schedule Contract significantly reduces the government procurement process and is the most widely used government contract vehicle.
com)-- GSA Preview successfully completed and submitted a GSA Schedule Application for Express Imaging Systems, LLC dba Evluma that met the requirements for a GSA Schedule Contract Award.
502 in the Federal Register, GSA has begun the contract modification process to make this new support available by spring of 2007.
The Defense Department's inspector general has cleared DOD to continue buying through GSA's Client Service Centers, but the IG's draft report could produce a further chilling effect on DOD's purchases through GSA.
Wizzard Software Corporation (OTCBB:WIZD) has announced it has been awarded a GSA Schedule by the General Services Administrations (GSA) for its Voice Tools software products and professional services.
With almost 7,800 buildings and 261 million square feet of space under its management, GSA is the nation's largest property manager.