parallel processing

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simultaneous processing by two or more processing units

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Using it programmer can write GPGPU applications which are portable between supported compute devices.
The GC5000-MP graphics and GPGPU IP allows simultaneous, coherent and distributed application contexts that merge 3D, 2D, and GPGPU compute functions.
Heterogeneous architectures on mobile GPGPU platforms will greatly benefit users looking for a seamless graphics and compute experience from their electronic devices," said Greg Stoner, vice president and managing director of the HSA Foundation.
Table 1: GPGPU and MIC architectural approaches to massive parallelism NVIDIA GPU Intel MIC Degree of Fermi supports 512 Knights Corner expected Parallelism concurrent SIMT threads to support between 200 of execution.
For our prototype we have used NVidia GPU hardware and CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) to implement GPGPU operations.
RunTime's VSI/Pro[R] math and sensor processing library optimized for Condor 3000 to simplify life for GPGPU developers in the OpenCL world
GPGPU virtualization technology -- A solid foundation for desktop cloud and rendering cloud application, this solution virtualizes and pools GPGPUs for virtual machines.
Successfully completed a number of complex bespoke HPC solutions utilizing the power of NVIDIA GPGPU cards.
Some other areas covered are scheduling periodic real-time tasks with heterogeneous reward requirements, identifying burglars through networked sensor-camera mates, timing analysis of a protected operating system kernel, a responsive GPGPU execution model for runtime engines, and scheduling of certifiable mixed-criticality sporadic task systems.
Existing applications demonstrate that both OpenCL and CUDA have the ability to successfully manage tens of thousands of parallel threads of execution and run efficiently on both x86 and GPGPU hardware.
In our proposed solution, for the implementation we will use NVidia GPU hardware (2x8800 GTX Ultra mounted in the same PC) and the NVidia (CUDA) toolkit to implement Ray Tracing as a GPGPU program.
The new, fully integrated subsystem combines a multi-core CPU to efficiently process overhead functions with an advanced GPGPU that focuses on executing heavy-duty system requirements.
Intended for game designers and computer engineers, the work is divided into three sections covering graphics and rendering, game engine design and systems programming and individual essays cover such topics as modeling lighting and rendering for volumetric clouds, simulating night vision, 3D stereoscopic games, game tuning infrastructure, GPGPU cloth simulation, optimized portable memory managers and cross-platform multi-threading frameworks.
Its flagship product - Bright Cluster Manager - with its intuitive graphical user interface and powerful cluster management shell, makes clusters of any size easy to install, use and manage, including systems combining Intel/AMD processors with GPGPU technology.
The acquisition, which includes all of Gauda's patents related to GPGPU acceleration as well as software, will strengthen D2S' capabilities in software for semiconductor manufacturing, including the increasingly critical area of wafer plane analysis-which evaluates how accurately complex shapes on advanced photomasks print as predicted on the wafer.