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the younger of two major political parties in the United States

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I mention 1958 because of the hectoring under way by California GOP hard-liners, whom pundits call the ``circular firing squad'' because of their corrosive effect on their own party.
As the Charlotte Observer recently put it, "In a state where fewer than 5 percent of black voters are registered Republicans, GOP leaders are sending a message: The Republican Party stands for issues important to blacks.
McCain draws a lot of his support from independent voters, while the GOP is mostly staying with [Texas governor George W.
In Pennsylvania, GOP legislators, urged on by DeLay and assisted by Sen.
Despite volumes of evidence that the Coalition worked on behalf of Republican candidates, a federal judge dismisses the bulk of the Federal Election Commission's lawsuit against the Christian Coalition, holding that there was insufficient proof of illegal coordination with the GOP.
Today's conservatives and today's GOP fail to acknowledge that these principles were a large part of why Reagan was a popular and successful leader.
And at a closed-door meeting of the GOP Senate caucus, McConnell, in his role as NRSC chair, stood up to announce that the tobacco industry had agreed to run ads in support of Republicans, defending them against Democratic charges of killing the bill.
Speaking to the state GOP delegates at their convention near San Francisco, Schwarzenegger employed his persuasion and popularity - he has 82 percent approval among Republicans - urging them to do something that many of them oppose: borrowing to cover deficit spending.
The TV preacher said the defeat occurred because several conservative Christians went to a prayer meeting instead of the GOP caucus.
Since the GOP took over Congress beginning in 1995, many centrist, "moderate" Republicans have been biding their time.
At a January conference for Team 100 - donors who give the GOP at least $100,000 every four years and make five-figure contributions in between - Jeff Eisenach, the president of the Progress and Freedom Foundation, told the audience about a survey Wired magazine had commissioned.
But when his skin color and GOP affiliation are contrasted with the overwhelmingly Democratic bent of other House blacks--with the exception of Gary Franks (R-Conn.
While CRPAOs are backed by the full faith and credit of the GOP, on a stand-alone basis, CRPAOs would not receive the same rating as Fitch rated dollar-denominated sovereign obligations.
The next day, The Washington Post featured a story that declared, "Democrats Struggle to Seize Opportunity," and questioned whether congressional Democrats could regain power without "the hard-charging, charismatic figurehead that Gingrich represented for the House GOP in 1994.
Expressing the views of many Republicans, one disappointed GOP legislator said the governor ``blinked''; but the party mostly went along with the compromise.