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the younger of two major political parties in the United States

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Some observers say the GOP agenda sounds like "deja voodoo" economics.
The Christian right has certainly infused it with moralism and anti-Darwin mumbo-jumbo, but what's more striking about the GOP over the past 100 years or so is its continuity.
Aligning voters with the GOP would create a loyalty that Republicans can't afford to lose, Miller said.
Richard Lugar used such rhetoric in his campaign for the GOP nomination.
About 12% of black voters affiliate themselves with the GOP.
The actor, suggested former GOP assemblyman Brooks Firestone of Santa Barbara County, ``is, I believe, less prepared for the job and more liberal (than Davis).
At GOP, we continuously strive to utilize the latest technologies in all our projects, which allows us to stay on the cutting edge of our industry,' said Al Majed.
At GOP, we have ensured that an effective quality management system is in place and every department has worked tirelessly towards achieving greater efficiency at all levels.
He extended his gratitude and appreciation to all staff for their contributions and dedication to the development and growth of the GOP.
Voters like these are now willing to entertain alternatives to a Southern-dominated, religious GOP.
Democrats could also have gone after the few remaining GOP suburban seats.
I wonder if Conniff realizes that she is allowing the GOP to control the language.
Pelosi, who earned a 31 percent cumulative score in THE NEW AMERICAN'S "Conservative Index" for the 109th Congress, is expected to become the new Speaker of the House, replacing GOP Rep.
But in a letter to Democratic leaders of the Senate and Assembly, Senate GOP leader Dick Ackerman and Assembly GOP leader George Plescia said the compacts ``are too important to our state's economic well-being and the prosperity of communities across California to wait until the Legislature reconvenes (next year).
In late July, Gary Lankford, a GOP staffer hired to reach out to social conservatives, sent out an e-mail implying that Strickland and his wife are gay.