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the younger of two major political parties in the United States

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At GOP, we continuously strive to utilize the latest technologies in all our projects, which allows us to stay on the cutting edge of our industry,' said Al Majed.
At GOP, we have ensured that an effective quality management system is in place and every department has worked tirelessly towards achieving greater efficiency at all levels.
In some slates, GOP officials have been working to access church directories and egging on the activities of organizations like the Ohio Restoration Project and Let Freedom Ring.
Having been involved in Republican Party politics for decades now, I have never seen a more concerted, effective grassroots effort than was developed and implemented by the national GOP over the past two years, beginning well before the gay marriage issue.
However, with relatively Little progress made in the House toward crafting a comprehensive HEA reauthorization bill, and a strong desire to complete the process in 2004--an election year--HELP Committee Chairman Gregg (R-NH) and his GOP Committee colleagues are taking charge by writing their own comprehensive reauthorization bill.
This is another Republican attempt to repackage GOP ideological positions," says Robert C.
Lisa Madigan in the attorney general's race, is also a product of the DuPage County GOP.
Jim Abdnor (knocked off in 1986 by Daschle, a rising congressman at the time, like Thune today), a lobbyist and a state GOP official.
Dole remained a fierce supporter of a constitutional amendment (the "Human Life Amendment") to outlaw all abortions--a position he has since repudiated, though it remains in the 1996 GOP platform.
But GOP members of the House and Senate science committees have begun revealing in hearings and press conferences that they'll want some protections for the space program and basic research.
CRPAOs delivered from the GOP to the concessionaire will be sold to the issuer.
GOP held its 18th board meeting, which was chaired by chairman Shaikh Daij bin Salman Al Khalifa.
Throughout the summer, polls showed Laffey positioned to do what Toomey couldn't: oust a pro-choice, pro-tax R/NO ("Republican in Name Only") and send the GOP establishment reeling.
They're suggesting that Americans aren't really fed up with GOP complacency and arrogance, that the party's governing formula only needs tweaking, not rethinking.
THE GOP took a message out of the June race to replace shamed San Diego Rep.