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It requires publication of any modified version that an organization uses, even privately': FSF, Various Licences and Comments about Them, The GNU Project <http://www.
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See FSF, CVS--Open Source Version Control The GNU Project <http://www.
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Soon, however, they came under pressure from the GNU Project, who pointed out that GNUhoo did not actually comply with the GNU guidelines.
To be clear, the GNU Project doesn't discourage reselling free software for a fee (but if you do, it doesn't hurt to kick a little something back to the community to help fund more free software development).
As with the MacArthur award, Stallman will invest the Takeda award to pay his future living expenses, so that he can work full time promoting software freedom and coordinating the GNU project.
Richard Stallman is the founder of the GNU project, launched in 1984 to develop the free operating system GNU (an acronym for "GNU's Not Unix"), and thereby give computer users the freedom that most of them have lost.
Stallman founded the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project in 1984 to develop the free operating system GNU.
Richard Stallman founded the GNU project, which develops the free operating system GNU.
GNOME is part of the GNU project, and is free software (often referred to as open source software).
Keynote speakers include Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU Project and one of the leaders of the free software movement, and Eric Raymond, a Linux pioneer, consultant and author of several books dealing with open-source systems.