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As with the MacArthur award, Stallman will invest the Takeda award to pay his future living expenses, so that he can work full time promoting software freedom and coordinating the GNU project.
Stallman's speech will cover the importance of software freedom and cooperation among programmers and users, and why the GNU project developed the GNU General Public License to facilitate sharing, cooperation and freedom.
In addition, three prominent players in technology, interactive entertainment and the open source movement will join Nevrax's advisory board -- Michel Teyssedre, vice president, Worldwide Telecom Server Sales, IBM Enterprise Server Group; Jim Wilson, president, Universal Interactive Studios (UIS); and Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project.
He wrote the first GPL-style licenses for the GNU project, and released the first version of the GPL itself in 1989.
He worked on the GNU project, which was an inspiration to Linus Torvalds and an enabling technology for Linux in 1991.
Linux refers to the complete operating system consisting of the Linux kernel, originally developed by Linus Thorvalds, and tools and libraries developed under the GNU project (see http://www.
As part of the effort to port the Linux kernel to the C64x ISA, Code Sourcery is developing a complete tool chain including support for the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and the GNU Project Debugger (GDB).
The Free Software Foundation and the GNU project have provided technical, infrastructure, and organizational support for GNU Bayonne development.
After 30 days, Nasuni will donate the unwon $5,000 to the Free Software Foundation as a thank-you for the Gnu Project - specifically GnuPG, a Free Software implementation of the OpenPGP standard.