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former measure of the United States economy

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Therefore, the GNP does not measure the 'quality of life'.
Figure 4 shows the relationship between the GNP and the reported rate of diarrhea.
Israel, a country with a GNP much lower than the combined GNPs of the Arab states, has been the largest single export market for Egypt in the Middle East for most of the years since Camp David.
It says as long as "the vector of physical output values" remain identical, real GNP should remain the same.
Third, because the VAR requires stationary data, first differences of GNP and consumption are used.
Total internal and external debt is about 88 percent of GNP, which is creating debt servicing problem.
The working assumption is that if consumer sentiment can forecast GNP movements even after controlling for fundamentals and other publicly available predictors of output, some support is provided for the idea that consumer sentiment causes output fluctuations.
The GNP is also available to staff for formal and informal education, and is almost always more readily available and accessible to the residents and their families than are the attending physicians or medical directors.
The situation is different if the changes in real GNP and its major components are expressed in terms of 1987 prices and expenditure weights, however.
Military spending rose to almost 39 per cent of GNP.
If consumption--which accounts for two-thirds of GNP is in the throes of a major balance-sheet correction cycle, the arithmetic of GNP growth will be fundamentally weaker until the cycle has completed itself.
Between June 1991 and December 1991, real GNP rose at an annual rate of 1.
The GNP: The Commerce Department in late April 1991 estimated that the GNP dipped 2.
The advance estimate of real GNP growth for the third quarter of 1991 was 2.
M2 expanded more than nominal GNP, and thus its velocity fell, although not as much as might have been expected considering the decline in short-term interest rates.