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former measure of the United States economy

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One of the ways GNP remains on the cutting edge is through constant training and education for the entire GNP team.
The thickness and diameter of GNPs could be changed by a variety of techniques such as intercalation, oxidization, heat treatment, microwave irradiation, and ultrasonication, and so on.
But the actual data show that that it was not GNP that put the lid on 1943 war-related production.
The move came two hours after about 400 lawmakers from the DP and minor opposition parties launched a sit-in at the main lobby of the Congress to block GNP lawmakers from entering parliamentary meetings.
A governing party leader described the GNP as a warmonger, but nothing could be further from the truth.
7% of GNP in aid: Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.
Nonfinancial transactions receive no credit within the GNP system because the GNP is a measure of the movement of money through a national economy.
Figure 4 shows the relationship between the GNP and the reported rate of diarrhea.
Israel, a country with a GNP much lower than the combined GNPs of the Arab states, has been the largest single export market for Egypt in the Middle East for most of the years since Camp David.
In a radio interview, Medalla said the government projects GNP will grow 3.
Assertion 2: In terms of the well-known categories of national income accounting, GNP = C + I + G + X- M = C + S + T = GNI is an identity which is always true, in an ex post sense, in real and nominal terms, for all economies, even for economies in which relative prices change.
The observed GNP series is often considered to be the sum of unobserved permanent (i.
Such analysis was made consistent with other macro-economic variables like growth of GNP, inflation, and interest rates on debt.
3 percent of GNP spent in 1984 on health care, 26 percent is private.
Thus, this class of models offers a theoretical rationalization of how consumer sentiment can affect GNP.