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Ximian Desktop combines the core Ximian GNOME desktop environment with Ximian Evolution, a groupware suite for personal information management, and Ximian Red Carpet(TM), a software management and updating application, to provide powerful collaboration and software management for Linux and UNIX users.
Ximian Desktop Professional Edition combines the Ximian GNOME desktop interface, the Red Carpet software management and updating application, and Ximian Evolution, the leading email and personal information management suite for Linux.
In addition, users can run CDE and applications based on Java(TM) technology on the GNOME desktop unmodified.
1 includes revised manuals with new chapters about digital cameras, the printing system CUPS, and the GNOME desktop environment.
Sun's Java Desktop System is a comprehensive, secure, highly-affordable enterprise desktop solution that consists of a fully integrated client environment based on open source components and industry standards, including a GNOME desktop environment, StarOffice(TM) productivity suite, Mozilla(TM) browser, Evolution mail and calendar, Java(TM) 2 Platform, Standard Edition technology and a Linux operating system.
This release will be the first to offer the Mate desktop, a continuation of the version 2 series of the Gnome desktop for those who prefer the classic desktop look-and-feel.
April 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the GNOME Desktop project released GNOME 3.
04 includes a range of enhancements, including a new notifications system, improvements to the start-up process, and the latest version of the Gnome desktop environment.
The Roaming Gnome desktop sidebar for users of the Microsoft Vista operating system is part of the next generation Travelocity FareWatcher tool, which informs travellers when ticket prices fall on pre-selected flight routes.
The package includes the Gnome desktop environment, the StarOffice productivity suite, and a Linux operating system.
2 but both companies hope it will continue with subsequent releases - especially the one Red Hat plans to ship with the GNOME desktop environment (see separate story).
The click2try openSUSE appliance provides users access to the GNOME desktop and the full openSUSE 11.
Codenamed Dapper Drake (don't ask) and featuring the latest GNOME desktop environment, 6.
The newest GNOME desktop emphasizes usability and user comfort while delivering key new features to Linux users such as CD-burning capabilities, a universal instant messaging client (Gaim), simplified printing configuration (via CUPS) and many other configuration improvements.
The first official release of Red Hat Software Inc's long-awaited Gnome desktop graphical user interface (GUI) will be in "early 1999.