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a metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram

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What sets GMS apart is its highly qualified inspectors and its proactive approach to informing the Design Professional about the status of his or her ongoing projects.
The bottom line is we don't have a deal with GMS and none is expected at this point in time,'' Whitehead said last week.
GMS, a division of Guardian Mortgage Documents, provides the national lending community with mortgage fulfillment outsource services that focus on back-office operations including: vendor management, title and escrow, closing coordination, document preparation and post-closing.
Silver Peak GMS facilitates day-to-day administrative tasks and "asset management" functionality across an entire distributed network of Silver Peak appliances.
The addition of the AJAX like functionality introduced with client side caching has considerably enhanced the usability of GMS WebMail for my users," says Mike Keppler, Enterprise Manager of Wessan Interactive, "while the addition of SNMP allows me to monitor the server constantly to ensure it is performing at its optimum.
GMS uses its proprietary web-based Transaction Management System(TM) (TMS) technology to automate document production, management functions and workflow into one centralized, paperless model.
When working together, MBSD and GMS focus on helping lenders enhance overall workflow infrastructure, with an emphasis on back-office automation efficiencies.
These capabilities mean GMS Instant Messenger provides a truly outstanding corporate IM solution.
GMS now provides an additional option to format logs that can be used by many third party reporting tools.
The release of the suite includes Version 3 of the GMS Collaboration Server, which provides full integration of Microsoft Outlook into the Gordano Messaging environment including the sharing of folders, calendars, contacts, notes, journals and tasks.
an international developer of low-cost, web-based enterprise messaging products -- has released a major update to its GMS Collaboration Server, fully integrating Microsoft Outlook into the Gordano Messaging environment.
Outsourcing closing coordination to GMS enables these same lenders to manage the cyclical nature of loan volumes by paying only for services used.