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John Drake, Calient chief network architect, IETF standards co-author and lead on Calient's GMPLS implementation efforts, emphasized, "DCL is in a class by itself, they are the quality and performance benchmark for portable protocol software, and with their leadership in MPLS software, they were the natural partner choice for us in this work.
They cover broadband services, IP, IP router technologies, MPLS, GMPLS, and issues regarding the standardization of these technologies.
The combination of IP and optical transport layer protection with a GMPLS user network interface (UNI) allows service providers to accelerate these savings by freeing up a third of deployed network capacity and provide headroom for two years of traffic growth.
The e2e LSP recovery feature, which enables full LSP recovery from ingress node to egress node of a GMPLS network, provides the following benefits to implementers of the technology.
A second demonstration will feature GMPLS User-to-Network Interface (UNI) signaling, which allows optical network users to dynamically provision an optical connection through the core.
The company has been a leader in testing, implementing and trialing GMPLS protocols such as Open Shortest Path First--TE, Link Management Protocol (LMP) and Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE).
The one-stop-shop agreements are a value-added service that benefits customers with international connectivity like IPLC and GMPLS by offering them a wide global reach to various business hubs around the world in addition to facilitating the process of ordering, billing and fault management," said a top Batelco official.
The interoperability event compared the ability for different MPLS-enabled Layer 2 and 3 infrastructures to carry IPTV triple-play services over an IP optical network controlled by GMPLS," said Dave Bass, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Data Networking Division.