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Synonyms for loss

Synonyms for loss

the act or an instance of losing something

the condition of being deprived of what one once had or ought to have

Synonyms for loss

gradual decline in amount or activity

the act of losing someone or something

the disadvantage that results from losing something


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the experience of losing a loved one

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the amount by which the cost of a business exceeds its revenue

euphemistic expressions for death

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Over the years we've discovered several layers of defense against GLOCs.
Between FY97 and 01, the CAF reported hine GLOC incidents -- with a marked decrease in reported incidents in the last 2 years.
Best affirmed the ICR of "bbb-" of Guardian Holdings Limited (GHL), a publicly traded holding company and ultimate parent of GLOC and GGIL.
The analysis must focus on the future passability of an MSR or GLOC and less on the immediate threat of attack on the convoy.
Second of all if the Pak GLOCs do not open and we cannot count on the flow that was planned for that when we originally budgeted for our fuel for this next year, and now we have to increase the amount of fuel we use to begin to fly out much of this retrograde by air, that will again be an unplanned OCO bump in fuel requirements to the Air Force," the US Air Force commander said.
Other elements are also in these negotiations that need to be resolved for reopening of GLOCs," he clarified.
We continue to have a line of communications with the Pakistanis to try to see if we can take steps to reopen the GLOCs.
He believed the US-Pakistan relationship was getting to where it needed to be and that was why they were committed to ongoing dialogue, not just on GLOCs and terrorism, but across the full range of security issues of common interest.
The official snap - released today - is one of many taken in the grounds of Charles's Highgrove home in Glocs by Mario Testino - Diana, Princess of Wales's, favourite photographer.
The remaining missions will be conducted using replicated aircraft until the GLOCs are open.
Right now, she said, the US is not able to make shipments via Torkham, one of the GLOCs, because it does not think that it is safe for drivers to perform their work.
The two leaders took the opportunity to review recent positive developments in the relationship including the opening of the GLOCs, the high level contacts between the two sides, the signing of MOU on the upgradation of the Peshawar Torkham road, the release of the CSF reimbursements, etc.
We have been working well with Pakistan in trying to look again at what we can do now that the GLOCs (supply lines) are open to strengthen our counter-terrorism cooperation," Dawn.