mushroom poisoning

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toxic condition caused by eating certain species of mushrooms (especially Amanita species)

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Several recent studies had linked FODMAPs to GI symptoms in IBS, but no prior randomized controlled trial had compared real-world recommendations to follow either a low-FODMAP or traditional IBS diet, the researchers noted (Gastroenterology 2015.
In diabetes patients who had kidney-pancreas transplantation, which restores normal blood glucose, IGFBP3 levels and stem cell function normalized and GI symptoms diminished.
All patients experienced fever or chills, and other common symptoms included GI symptoms (n = 33, 94%), neurologic symptoms (n = 27, 77%), fatigue (n = 26, 74%), myalgia (n = 19, 54%), and hemorrhagic manifestations (n = 12, 34%).
Patients experiencing GI symptoms usually turn to over-the-counter remedies first, experimenting with antacids or heartburn medicotions.
Brennan Spiegal, the Director of the UCLA/VA Center for Outcomes Research and Education, says one theory lies in the knowledge that more than half of those who served in Iraq, Afghanistan or during the Gulf War acquired acute gastroenteritis while deployed, and they are likely to experience lingering GI symptoms even after the initial infection clears.
The magnitude of silent metastases coupled with the fact that these metastases can present with almost any GI symptom highlights the need for high clinical suspicion in patients with a previous malignant melanoma presenting with GI symptoms.
6,7) There is a perception that clinically apparent GI symptoms are also associated with IAH.
At age 12, the children gave their own reports of GI symptoms, lifetime maltreatment and psychological distress.
In particular, the panel noted that children with ASDs often respond to GI symptoms by exhibiting problem behaviors such as agitation, aggression, and sleep disturbances.
While you might not be able to reduce the stress in your life, you can learn how to react so it doesn't set off your GI symptoms.
However, as the steroids were slowly tapered off, the patient started to have recurrence of her GI symptoms.
Resolution of aspirin-associated upper GI symptoms such as epigastric pain, burning and discomfort, as well as heartburn and bloating, was significantly higher with Nexium(R) than placebo (p<0.
Upper GI symptoms like belching, nausea, and vomiting are not uncommon in athletes.
Beachgoers were asked about swimming and other beach activities and 10-12 days later were asked about the occurrence of GI symptoms.
Chapters discuss GI flora and the danger of food poisoning, common GI symptoms of mild or serious problems, how to reduce the risk of cancer, concerns such as heartburn and Inflammatory Bowel Disease/Syndrome, natural therapies, a journey all the way through the GI tract, and much more.