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Synonyms for Gi

a unit of magnetomotive force equal to 0

clean in preparation for inspection


of or relating to the stomach and intestines

References in classic literature ?
Why then you may gi' it me, if you think you are able," cries the squire; "nay, I suppose your niece there will be ready enough to help you.
The agreement intends to combine GI's digital set-top terminals and headend encoder systems with DDD's DeepSee(TM) 2D compatible 3D transmission technologies.
Our adoption of the ATSC SI Standard for GI's MPEG-2 digital system, coupled with GI's royalty-free contribution of the SI Extensions, will help ensure that programmers and network operators have interoperable digital systems.
GI's '195 patent was held invalid for lack of enablement by the Federal Circuit in March 1991.
General Instrument Corporation (NYSE: GIC) announced today that Shaw Communications is using GI's DCT-2000 and DCT-5000+ advanced interactive digital terminals to continue the expansion of its digital cable service to an additional 27 systems (in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia).