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The present study showed that the proteins involved in the functional recovery were Laminin receptor, Apo-E, Neuron specific gamma Enolase, GFAP, Ferritin light chain, DnaJ (Hsp40) and Contactinl/ F3.
26) The GFAP provides that the governing bodies established under the treaty, "shall secure to all persons within their jurisdiction the highest level of internationally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms.
Nevertheless, the GFAP mission faces lingering problems that, if they outlast the patience of external donors to resolve them, could result in a return to war.
Control group: GFAP protein expression in the ganglionic layer and inner and outer layers plexiform GFAP immunohistochemical staining Bar 50 [micro]m, E.
The immunoblot analyses performed to investigate the effect of CA on SOX2 and GFAP protein levels showed that also the amount of these two proteins was reduced in GBM treated cells compared to controls (P < 0.
2-kb human GFAP (hGFAP) gene promoter has already been employed for tracing the cell fate of HSCs in vivo (Yang et al.
Hippocampal neuronal loss, decreased GFAP immunoreactivity and cognitive impairment following experimental intoxication of rats with aluminum citrate," Brain Research, vol.
GFAP showed poor sensitivity (40%) but was very specific (100%), whereas tau protein had a sensitivity of 70% and specificity of 85%.
Como controle positivo do GFAP e NSE, utilizou-se secao de cerebro de bovino sem alteracoes, alem de pancreas canino (positivo para NSE nas ilhotas de Langerhans, conforme recomendacoes do fabricante).
Por otra parte, el efecto de la isquemia y de los tratamientos sobre ella fue mas evidente con el marcador de GFAP en la zona paraventricular (ZPV) correspondiente a la sustancia blanca, en donde la distribucion y morfologia de los astrocitos fibrosos y radiales (figuras 3-B y 3-C) difiere sustancialmente de los protoplasmaticos (figuras 2-B y 2-C).
GFAP and Nestin are proteins that are co-expressed by certain key cells found in the human central nervous system.
According to the company, GFAP and Nestin are proteins that are co-expressed by certain key cells found in the human central nervous system.
Asi pues, quisimos determinar si la combinacion del virus con el peptido [beta]A podria ser causa de mayor activacion celular, midiendo los niveles de GFAP tras los distintos tratamientos.