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In conclusion, we showed that Laminin, Apo-E, Enolase 2, contactin, ferritin light chain, DnaJ and GFAP are important pro teins involved in recovery from hemiplegia in the rat thrombosis model.
Identification of GFAP gene mutation in hereditary adult-onset Alexander's disease.
The GFAP agreement holds signatories to a wide range of military and non-military conditions.
Fujita said the level of GFAP indicators in the babies which took TBT through their mothers was 1.
Fletcher says the enhanced production of GFAP in the presence of alcohol serves as a marker that potentially damaging biochemical changes are taking place within the brains of alcohol-exposed fetuses.
To assess glial activation as a potential mechanism of neurotoxicity in CAPs-exposed mice, we immunostained brain sections for GFAP and IBA-1, markers for astrocytes and microglia, respectively.
The intensity in GFAP labeling of the metastases-associated astrocytes was much more pronounced than the labeling observed in similar regions of the brain of nontumor mice.
A statistically significant increase in GFAP was observed in retinas from both rats with disrupted parasympathetic and sympathetic control of ChBF.
Cerebellar liponeurocytoma may display perivascular anucleate zones (resembling the perivascular pseudorosettes of ependymoma), which may stain for GFAP.
Impact of extract of Acanthopanax senticosus on GAB& TH and GFAP in C57BL/6 mouse model of parkinson's disease.
GFAP is a Type III intermediate filament protein, the major protein component of the astrocyte cytoskeleton (Laping, Teter, Nichols, Rozorski, & Finch, 2008).
These differentiated cells were immunohistochemically stained with primary antibodies against the antigens specific for different germ layers (a-fetoprotein (1:100) (AFP) for endoderm cells, [alpha]-actin (1:100) for mesoderm cells, Nestin (1:100), [beta]-Tubulin III (1:100) and GFAP (1:100) for ectoderm cells) (all antibodies purchased from Chemicon Co.
Identity of astrocytes was confirmed by IHC demonstration of GFAP in the cytoplasm of the same cells in a directly adjacent serial section.
The study showed that two genes associated with damaging inflammation in the brain - MAC-1 and glial fibrillary acidic protein, or GFAP - showed decreased activation in the socially housed mice.
However, GFAP, examined in two sagittal sections taken 0.