geostationary orbit

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a geosynchronous orbit that is fixed with respect to a position on the Earth

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Inside the government there is great demand for the clarity that comes from a persistent sensor flying at GEO orbit.
It has payload power requirements in the range of 2500 W to 5000 W, and one of the satellites will be configured with a Li-ion Battery to provide 100% payload power support during eclipses and with a design life of 15 years in GEO orbit.
The Santander teleport can see all of the satellites in the GEO orbit from 60W to 65E, thus covering a region from Western Australia to North America, Mediterranean Sea, Indian and Atlantic Oceans.
In a typical GEO orbit, these components provide greater than 100 krads radiation dose tolerance.
The satellite is expected to reach its GEO orbit position, approximately 22,300 miles above the Earth, in about four days.
NovaWurks provides space services and assembles Conformal Spacecraft, satellites for use in both LEO and GEO orbits using applied technologies that allow them to be configured as aggregated, reliable, flexible spacecraft for a variety of mission purposes.
In the US, the combined network of Sirius and XM will have 11 satellites in both HEO and GEO orbits, and 25MHZ of frequency plus additional terrestrial frequencies.