German Democratic Republic

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a republic in north central Europe on the Baltic


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Schabowski rummaged around in his papers, and then proclaimed: "Therefore we have decided today, um, to create a framework that will make it possible for every citizen of the GDR, um, to travel, um, across the border crossings of the GDR.
The GDR disliked "religious pluralism" as well, because its leadership worried that it would extend the life of Christianity and promote western culture in Eastern Europe.
In the memoir that opens the book, Falcke recounts how he became a refugee in 1945 when he and his mother fled East Prussia by boat as the Red Army advanced; his time in Basel as a student of Karl Barth; his return to East Germany in 1952 at a time when the GDR government had embarked on a programme of church repression; through to his involvement in the events of 1989.
Most basically, Zatlin offers an economic history of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) from the rise to power of Erich Honecker in 1970/71 to the phased implosion of the GDR from mid-1989 to autumn 1990.
Unlike many other authors who have occupied themselves with the social history of the GDR, she takes an empirical approach: one should not automatically assume that the GDR was a ruthless totalitarian state in which its citizens had no say.
5 percent of GDR Hence, the first two points of the Commission proposal appear to allow necessary adjustment to be delayed and hence create the risk of a sizeable accumulation of excessive deficits and debt.
The reception of GDR literature in general in the West, it is probably fair to say, was never balanced, never particularly objective.
In May 2012, Ernst & Young's investigation services were engaged to conduct an independent investigation into the purchase practices in Cuba and in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), as trade with Cuba was supposedly initiated by the former GDR state trade organization.
Wisconsin based Genesis Attachments Superior has announced the expansion of its Demolition Recycler concrete processor product family with the new GDR 400.
GDR is the SMARTsm document governance solution that enables Financial Institutions to analyze, organize and control documents to lower risk and comply with regulations.
40 million units of GDR (Global Depository Receipts) at US$ 6.
GFH would like to inform its shareholders and the markets, that it hads decided to terminate its Global Depository Receipt (GDR) Programme and has initiated the procedures to delist the GDR from the London Stock Exchange (LSE).
Dubai: Gulf Finance House said on Sunday it has decided to terminate its Global Depository Receipt (GDR) Programme and has initiated the procedures to delist the GDR from the London Stock Exchange (LSE).
As of this month, the "Gallery Central Berlin" at Strausberger Platz provides a new stage for design highlights from the former GDR.
The subject of procurement for selection of the winner is the cost of complex repair work on a piece of equipment and materials - disconnectors, automatic fire-extinguishing power transformers and for each branch of the GDR.