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the measure of an economy adopted by the United States in 1991


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The only country with a lower GDP per head than Wales - Portugal - has an outstanding transport statistic: it has the greatest length of motorway per head of population.
Back in 2000, when we first received European funding, West Wales and the Valleys was the sixth most prosperous Objective 1 region in Europe with a GDP per head of [ETH]17,300.
GDP per head in the four countries benefiting from the Cohesion Fund - Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland, seen as the EU's poorest - went from 65% of the EU average to 75%, and, according to forecasts, should rise to 77% in 1999;
So was the fall in GDP per head between 2007 to 2009 in part due to a lack of action at the Welsh European Funding Office?
When the National Assembly was established in 1999, the aim was for Wales as a whole to achieve 90% of the UK GDP per head by 2010.
Despite billions of pounds poured into the economy of West Wales and the Valleys since 2000, official statistics released yesterday show that in 2009 the region had a GDP per head rating equivalent to just 68.
In an analysis of growth in relation to the US, on a GDP per head measure, he said the EU had fallen further behind over the last decade, with southern states more adversely affected - in contrast to Eastern Europe where there has been strong growth.
Using OECD data, the article says: "Britain has the widest disparities, with average GDP per head in central London more than nine times larger than in parts of Wales.
He said European Union was the largest economy in the world with a GDP per head of pound 25 000 for its 500 million consumers.
He said that European Union is the largest economy in the world with a GDP per head of pound 25 000 for its 500 million consumers besides this it is the most open to developing countries and imported more from developing countries than the USA, Canada, Japan and China put together.
5 per cent, GDP per head was $1,661, inflation was at 3.
An obvious outcome of these is reflected in GDP per head of the three countries.
Despite having the highest GDP per head, the UAE ranks last, while Ethiopia, the poorest country in the FSI, ranks a respectable 12th.
Swindon saw the biggest relative decline across the UK - going from having a GDP per head which was 126% above the European average in 2001, to just 45% above in 2014.
In the five years since 2010, Scotlands GDP growth is in line with the UK average and Scotlands GDP per head growth is above the UK average, when London is excluded.