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the measure of an economy adopted by the United States in 1991


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Since 2001, GDP per head in West Wales and the Valleys has broadly kept pace with the UK as a whole.
What we need now in order to bring up to reduce dependence which is going to be might not be continually obvious that Western far with their public is high-class services the GDP per head and on the public sector reduced in scale.
It has one of the most rapidly developing economies and a GDP per head greater than either India or China.
Per-head spending on information technology (IT) in Bulgaria is relatively low, reflecting the country's low level of GDP per head.
He added: "With GDP per head not set to recover for three more years, and most people still seeing their living standards squeezed, this is no time for complacent claims that the economy is xed.
Even immediate improvements in their infrastructure may have little impact on GDP per head for several years.
With GDP per head (for Arab nationals), of $6,190 in Saudi Arabia, $17,870 in the UAE, and $19,516 in Qatar, GCC countries are considerably more attractive markets in many respects than Egypt and other non-oil Arab economies.
Measured at purchasing power parity (PPP), GDP per head was an estimated US$56,923 in 2010, the second highest in the OECD after Luxembourg.
GDP per head in the United Kingdom in the late 1920's (before the 1929 crash) was roughly Au5,200 ($8,700) in today's value.
The result is inflation running at over 100 per cent on an annualised basis, high unemployment and GDP per head of about $5000, which is about a third of that enjoyed by Greek Cypriots.
With Scotland second only to London in GDP per head, Brown will have to hone his argument to a slightly sharper point than that.
Much of the growth so far is due to demographic factors - GDP per head is still 5.
The Office for National Statistics was said to be developing a measurement of wellbeing to rival GDP per head - as was the Government of France.
It wants the Wales region, which includes Anglesey, Gwynedd, Conwy and Denbighshire, to benefit because GDP per head is still below 75% of the EU average.