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the measure of an economy adopted by the United States in 1991

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Fox promised while campaigning to reach annual GDP growth of 7%; however, CIDE reckons that the Mexican economy will expand by between 3.
1% to the GDP in 2002 was trade, which amounted to BD287.
3% of GDP and the average American worker sent a record 36% of his income directly to the government.
Over the same period, African GDP per capita fell from $1,770 in constant 1995 dollars adjusted for purchasing power parity (PPP) to $1,479.
Haiti's per capita GDP is $1,600 per year; the Dominican Republic's is $6,000.
This difference suggests that the choice of forecasting models can have a large impact on nominal GDP targeting models.
A number of interrelated factors lie behind the GDP loss.
The GDP includes only the part of the economy that is transacted through money.
The fiscal record of the Reagan and Clinton years share one unheralded commonality: The growth in federal outlays as a percentage of GDP that occurred under Carter was reversed under Reagan; the relative growth of government under Bush was reversed under Clinton.
R&D spending as a share of GDP does not account for who performs research or how useful it is-both of which can affect the investment's economic dividends, Jaffe observes.
Valuations are arbitrary judgements and the GDP is full of them" says Wackernagel.
3) GDP and GDP growth are not the only measures of a country's economic health.
GDP computes it as the sum of all expenditures (consumption, investment, government spending, and net exports), while GDI computes it as the sum of all incomes (employee compensation, profits, interest, rent, income from unincorporated businesses, indirect taxes minus subsidies, depreciation).
In 2013, increases in total GDP for the nation's metropolitan areas were led by growth in finance, insurance, real estate, rental, and leasing; nondurable-goods manufacturing; and professional and business services (table 2).
In EUR terms GDP stood at EUR 42010 million or EUR 5 808 per person.