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and [rho] in the GCEs are not unique and any new set of [?
SSA's Automotive GCE opened its doors in Southfield, Michigan in January, 1996 and employs industry-focused automotive experts.
The Automotive GCEs provide a state of the art technology environment where Clients and prospects can work with SSA Automotive Business Consultants to apply BPCS Client/Server to their unique business requirements as well as leverage global experience and knowledge in the automotive industry.
THE UNIVERSITY of Cyprus (UCY) came under some heavy fire this week after its Senate acted on its autonomous status and voted to open up three per cent of its places to students with international accreditation, such as GCEs.
On leaving with an O level in his mock GCEs, the headmaster, Jack Edwards (alias The Baz), said of Harrison: `` He has taken no part in the school activities whatsoever.
Always regarded as the most scholarly of the Beatles,it shows how Sir Paul passed five GCEs (English language,art,advanced art,maths and Spanish) and English at A-level.
He was born with the last name Crockett, the son of a GPO engineer, and only got a handful of GCEs at Bexley Heath Grammar School in south-east London.
If the University of Cyprus (CY) goes ahead and decides to allow three per cent of its students -- or more - access to the university with international accreditation such as GCEs, the AKEL MP said this would provoke an even worse crisis in the education sector.
For a second year running now, we have gone through the rigmarole of the University of Cyprus announcing it would make available a number of extra places to students with GCEs and other internationally recognised certificates; again, the secondary school teachers' union OELMEK has gone ballistic, saying it would boycott final exams and threatening the graduation of an entire generation of school leavers; and again, the government has caved in, recognising the university's right to set admissions policy but ordering a postponement of a year to give more time for the issue to be discussed.
Secondary teachers had threatened to boycott the Modern Greek Pancyprian Exam, due to start early next month, in protest at the Education Ministry's proposal to allocate three per cent of public university places to pupils holding international qualifications such as GCEs or the International Baccalaureate.
Accepting students with GCEs into the university, they claimed, undermined Greek education.